Hundreds of CBD brands overwhelming you with numerous options, can be challenging to figure out exactly what brands create legal CBD products for Idaho residents.

Joy Organics, Medterra, & Green Roads are brands making quality CBD products legal for Idaho. All THC-FREE & broad-spectrum CBD products “could” test positive for trace amounts of THC. Idaho law says any detectable THC is illegal. Before purchasing, verify the lab test is 100% negative for THC.

Below is a table detailing factors required for quality, safety, and legality. 

Let’s dive in and see if we can figure out why certain CBD brands are better than others.

Be VERY Caution When You See The Label “THC-FREE”

The first factor in approving CBD brands as safe for Idaho users is verifying it’s legal. Legal CBD products in Idaho have no detectable amounts of THC, not even trace amounts.

No CBD company is perfect. 

Even if they claim all of their products have no THC, sometimes their “quality” products test positive to THC.

This is the CRITICAL REASON why you must verify the lab report has no detectable amounts of THC.

THC-FREE does “not” mean there’s absolutely zero NO DETECTABLE amounts of THC.

The marketing works of THC-FREE is actually a very loose statement, but isn’t completely untrue.

What THC-FREE actually means is that the total amount of THC is compliant with federal law.

After Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, it federally allows up to 0.3% THC, while still somewhat technically being considered as a THC-FREE product.

Regardless if CBD products are legal at most federal levels, state laws can have more strict laws.

However, if you live in starts with strict THC laws like Idaho, any detectable amounts of THC is illegal and considered marijuana

Four Types Of Illegal THC To Watch Out For On Lab Results

There are four common types of THC laboratories that test and report.

The four variations (isomers) of THC.

  • Delta-9-THC
  • Delta-8-THC
  • THCA
  • THCV

When reading a quality “full” lab report, make sure they’re testing for at least 10 different cannabinoids, with four of them being the different THC isomers.

Even though federal law will allow some types of THC, for now, strict states such as Idaho don’t allow any types of THC — not even trending delta-8-THC.


3 CBD Brands We Recommend

After spending over 10 years carefully understanding CBD and the various brands, we’ve finally found three CBD brands who offer products 

Below we highlight the best features of each of the three brands who offer CBD products that are legal in the very strict state ofIdaho.

Green Roads

Green Roads currently earns the top spot for the current best CBD brand for Idaho residents.

What currently makes Green Roads CBD products stand out is they don’t use the wildly inaccurate marketing and labeling term THC-FREE.

Instead, Green Roads distinguishes between products with THC and products without THC by using more accurate terms.

When you see FULL-SPECTRUM on a CBD product — that means there’s THC in it.

If you see BROAD-SPECTRUM, that “should” mean there’s no THC.

This is why if you live in states like Idaho, you have to be extra careful and actually verify on the lab report that there’s no detectable amounts of any of the four types of THC.

View Green Roads most recent lab report HERE on their Broad-Spectrum CBD oil. 

Check pricing on Green Roads most affordable Broad-Spectrum CBD oil HERE.

Other unique factors that make Green Roads great.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics recently earned their USDA Organic certification and have since added a shopping page with all USDA Organics CBD products in one spot (check pricing).

What makes Joy Organics a great company is their customer service and commitment to quality.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, you can try their CBD products risk free. If you don’t like it for any reason, simply ask for a full refund.

If you can’t afford to buy right now, Joy Organics allows you to make four payments that are interest free.

View Joy Organics most recent lab report HERE on their USDA Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD oil. 

Check pricing on Joy Organics most affordable USDA Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD oil HERE.

Other unique factors that make Joy Organics great.


Medterra is arguably the highest quality CBD brand on the market.

After analyzing hundreds of lab reports, Medterra’s Broad-Spectrum CBD products have the highest potency of the most variety of cannabinoids.

Most CBD products only contain CBD and no other cannabinoid.

Science has currently identified up to 113 different cannabinoids and found that cannabinoids work better when there are a larger range of different cannabinoids — instead of only one.

When there’s a wide variety and potency of cannabinoids, an added benefit is observed.

The benefit of multiple cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect which says, in short, cannabinoids work better and more effectively together than they do separately.

View Medterra’s most recent lab report HERE on their Broad-Spectrum CBD oil. 

Check pricing on Medterra’s most affordable Broad-Spectrum CBD oil HERE.

Other unique factors that make Green Roads great.

Amazon CBD Products???

Some brands selling CBD on Amazon might be high quality, however, the only way you’re able to sell CBD products on Amazon is if you CENSOR your lab reports.

Censoring your lab reports means you only have to verify there’s less than 0.3% THC, thus making it federally legal.

The problem with this is you’ll never know exactly what’s in your CBD.

CBD companies are notorious for tossing around the term THC-FREE that they forget some states and counties have very strict NO THC LAWS.

Upon a persisten confrontations with one particular CBD brand on Amazon, they absolutely refused to show me a FULL lab report or even verify the existence of other cannabinoids.

The reasoning from this specific CBD company was, if they gave more information on the lab report, they would be restricted in where they could sell their products.

Furthermore, this CBD company listed the testing laboratory on their lab report, so I contacted them directly to verify this was actually a real lab report from their testing laboratory.

Upon contacting the laboratory, they quickly responded by saying this lab report was NOT VALID and that this CBD company fabricated the lab results by using photoshop.

If this is the type of behavior that Amazon wants from CBD companies, you can pretty much guarantee any and all of the CBD products for sell on Amazon will get you in trouble in Idaho.

Gas Station & Grocery Store CBD???

CBD products offered at gas stations or grocery stores tend to be low quality and not completely unregulated.

Gas stations and grocery stores have a similar problem that Amazon has 

Sometimes they have the lab results available to verify safety, quality, and actual legality.

Inconsistency and uncertainty are the main factors in why you should be caution purchasing CBD from a gas station or grocery store.