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Legal CBD Idaho (LCI) is an online cannabis media publisher, focusing on delivering in-depth (accurate) information about the entire cannabis industry — in relation to Idaho & beyond. We aim to provide the best cannabis content to Idahoans’ and those visiting Idaho.

“We help people understand how to safely and legally consume cannabis, hemp, and/or CBD in Idaho.”


Beginning in 2011, Joe Powers began investigating cannabis by talking with industry leaders.

In 2016, Hemp Writer was founded with its first publication clarifying disinformation on specific updates to certain federal CBD laws.

Upon calling out a leading cannabis law firm spreading dis-info, Hemp Writer established itself as an authority in clarifying updated information emerging from the cannabis industry.

After writing for the cannabis industry for eight years, Joe Powers decided to launch the cannabis media broadcasting and publishing company Legal CBD Idaho (LCI).

Legal CBD Oil Idaho began after observing widespread misinformation on the specific legalities of certain types of cannabis and hemp products in Idaho.

Since publishing over 100 cannabis industry articles, Joe Powers continues connecting with industry leaders to find and offer the leading edge information on cannabis research and products legal in Idaho.

On the LCI websites, you will be kept up to date with emerging cannabis medical research, cannabis laws, and updates on the best deals on legal cannabis products for Idaho residents.

Who We Are

Our Experts

Joe Powers

Joe Powers

Publisher - Hemp Writer

About Joe

  • Joy Organics Affiliate
  • Medterra Affiliate
  • Hemp Trader Affiliate
  • Project 24 Member & Affiliate
  • University Of California, San Fransicso – School Of Medicine — Endocannabinoids In The Circulation & Psychopathology
  • HubSpot Academy — Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Naval Nuclear Power Training Command


Cindy Nevarez

Cindy Nevarez

Organic Marketer

About Cindy

Committed to doing everything it takes to be a successful content marketer for natural organic health companies such as Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Yoga & Meditation, and Organic Health Food.

Always seeking the next growth spurt that adds value to companies, the clients, and others. Hard working “proactive” problem solver who responds to the issues with a variety of perspectives.

I have an ability to learn quickly based upon the needs of clients & a thorough researcher to understand marketing trends, target market, and social media platforms.

I’m also an avid Technical SEO Queen enabling the right keywords integrated into your website, content and all forms of articles.

Samuel Bonne

Samuel Bonne

Scientific Journalist

About Sam

  • 3rd year of neuro-biochemistry (Hon BSc) at the University of Toronto.
  • In 2019 he was awarded the Gilson Scholarship at the University of Toronto.
  • His passion for achievement led him into establishing YAMI, an NGO with more than 500 beneficiaries.
  • YAMI’s mission is to help students apply to universities and win scholarships free of charge.
  • Ghostwrites for Indeed, Founder Jar, Hemp Writer, and Clark Publishing House.
  • You may find his personal blog posts on Medium where he shares insights about various topics.
  • Ghostwritten more than 200 documents including SEO articles and ebooks.


Heather Burton

Heather Burton

Cannabis Content Strategist

About Heather

Heather lives with her husband and two children in beautiful British Columbia. Her passion has always been to enhance the lives of others by helping them reach their business goals. She loves Dr.Seuss and believes that you genuinely do learn everything you need to know in Kindergarten. 


Content management is her specialty, and writing is what she does best. Her love for helping others lead her to the cannabis scene, where she saw an immense gap between patients and medicine that can help them. Working specifically in the cannabis market, Heather strives to help dispensaries, patients, doctors, manufacturers and recreational users by giving them the voice they need. When she is not writing, you can find her anywhere outdoors and away from the screen. 

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