Are the rumors true? Does CBD actually give you vivid dreams that feel like they last forever?

CBD isolates & gummies can cause more consistent vivid/lucid dreams, while unflavored CBD oil still gave strong dreams you can strongly remember, they weren’t as powerful. Vivid dreams only tend to last for the first few weeks of starting CBD & then slowly going away. Other CBD users had no dreams.

Below, we’ll take a look at what numerous CBD users are experiencing, as well as taking a look at what research is able to verify.

Whether you want to have vivid dreams or avoid having them, we’ll explore the possibilities below.

Can CBD Oil Actually Cause Vivid Dreams?

Most regular CBD users might go through a period of extremely vivid dreaming to the point of being able to actually smell roses from a garden.

Users report having an increase of vivid dreaming regularly, even those who claim to already have regularly vivid dreams.

While taking CBD, dreams can feel incredibly deep, rich, and multilayered similar to how the movie Inception has dreams within dreams.

Even though users find themselves experiencing vivid dreams while taking CBD regularly, some report the high level of vivid dreaming only lasts for a few weeks.

Some users report being able to mentally visualize things much better after having strong lucid dreams.

Can CBD Help You Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreaming involves having clear experiences that feel real and newer CBD users find they’re involved in natural normal strong dreams without worrying about the ongoing experience.

Visuals, emotional, and physical sensations from the clear-cut lucid dreams can stick with your longer than dreams without CBD.

After taking CBD for a while, you may notice the intense lucid dreaming slowing down and not being as long or intense.

Lucid dreaming tends to slowly fade away as you take CBD longer.

Why Does CBD Cause Weird Or Intense Dreams?

CBD products with other added ingredients can add to the boost of the intensity of weird dreams, such as with CBD gummies.

Taking CBD gummies before bed can have other ingredients that can boost the energy of the dreams.

Unflavored CBD products with a broad spectrum of other cannabinoids can provide you with a more consistently smooth sleep and dream experience.

Reasons CBD can cause vivid dreams.

  • Other ingredients
  • Dosage – more is reported as better for dreams
  • Method of consumption
  • The strain of CBD flower
  • Type of product
  • Switching from CBD vape to CBD flower
  • Timing – when you take CBD

While everyone has their own unique experience with CBD and intense dreaming, some find they really enjoy the vivid dreaming while others find themselves getting quite emotionally upset from the powerful dreams.

Most CBD users having intense dreams are reporting rich and run dreams they love.

Occasionally, users find themselves waking up dripping in sweat and completely freaked out, and not being able to get back to sleep from the intensity of single or series of dreams.

If you find yourself having a bad experience with CBD and dreaming, try to delay taking CBD right before bed.

Some users who’ve had bad vivid dreams find the more time they put between taking CBD and going to sleep, the better.

Taking CBD an hour before bed can have the highest impact on how vivid you might dream.

By waiting for the peak strength of CBD to pass, after about two hours, you might be able to fall asleep without experiencing vivid dreams and have a restful dreamless night of sleep.

Some users find they like the vivid dreaming and it help them experience more normal restful sleep that allows them to better mentally function the next day.

By switching from CBD flower to mild CBD tincture drops, you can also potentially further decrease the incidents of bad or vivid dreams.

If you switch to a potent (1,000 mg) CBD isolates tincture or any other CBD isolate product, can induce more vivid dreaming than a broad-spectrum CBD product.

Does CBD Help With Dreams?

CBD can help you have more vivid, meaningful, and interactive dreams that some users report you might not have complete control over.

Like other realistic lucid dreaming scenarios tend to have more control over, CBD users are finding vivid dreaming to be more like a movie that they experience, rather than participate in.

Those who don’t tend to dream or even have vivid dreams might find their first several CBD lucid dreams to have a high degree of interactivity and immersion.

Certain vivid dreams you may have while taking a balanced dosage of CBD can cause you to reflect on your dreaming experiences.

Some extremely vivid dreaming experiences on CBD can feel like you’re experiencing several weeks of time when it’s only actually been maybe an hour or so.

This high level of vivid dreaming can lead you to experience a higher degree of dream recall where you can remember every single little detail of the dream(s).

After about a week or two, most users find the dream intensity fading, while the recall ability remained.

Does CBD Suppress Dreams?

CBD doesn’t typically have the effect of suppressing dreams, however, research shows that THC tends to suppress dreams.

Depending on how you choose to interpret the symoblogy of the dream territory, after experiencing a few weeks of intense vivid dreams, most users report the dreams start to fade in its intensity.