CBD oil products can be infused into several potential types of oils such as olive oil, hemp seed oil, MCT oil, corn oil, and more.

Infusing hemp CBD into MCT extracted from coconuts is one of the best options. MCT helps the CBD by allowing more of the CBD to get absorbed into the body, as well as helping the CBD to more quickly go to work in the body.

Let’s take a look below and discover some of the numerous benefits of CBD infused with MCT oil.

CBD MCT full spectrum

Full spectrum has THC in it and is illegal in Idaho — even though it’s legal at the federal level.

This is all you really need to know about full spectrum CBD oils is that they’re not legal in Idaho.

Broad spectrum hemp extract with MCT oil infused

The highest quality of CBD oil available to Idaho locals comes from the CBD company Medterra.

After examining the lab testing results from Medterra’s CBD products, we’re able to quickly verify there’s no detectable amounts of THC in it.

Since broad spectrum CBD oil don’t include THC, it’s legal for Idaho residents to safely take advantage of.

CBD distillate with MCT oil

CBD distillates and isolates are purifed to a concentration of up to 99% or more.

Distillates can contains several cannabinoids, but they’re typically stripped of the other parts of the plant including the terpenes and flavonoids.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a unique plant with numerous abilities.

Due to hemp’s ability to perfomr several function, each part of the hemp plant offers distinct elements for the production is nearly every industry.

Hemp is simply cannabis that doesn’t contain THC — at least this is the legal definition in Idaho.

Recently, President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill to legalize hemp at the federal level and can contain up to 0.3% THC.

Idaho law never changed, even though federal law changed.

Idaho still requires any and all hemp products to contain no detectable amounts of THC.

What is hemp CBD extract?

Due to recent increase of the popularity of hemp, more distinct parts of the hemp plant are becoming increasingly interesting to the general public and manufacturers.

With the explosion of interest in hemp, manufacturers are breeding hemp to contain more cannabinoids.

Depending on the source, there are up to 113 different cannabinoids.

One particularly interesting cannabinoid molecule in hemp is the CBD molecule.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and has the ability to provide nutrients to the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Humans have an ECS and its primary function is to regulate homeostasis and balance all the different parts of your body’s organs and cells.

What is MCT?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides and typically extracted from coconut.

The MCT molecules can be more easily digested by the body.

As opposed to long chain triglycerides (LCT), consuming MCTs not only is digested by the body better, it also is absorbed into the bloodstream more rapidly.

With faster absorption, MCTs are able to yield more energy for the body to use faster.

What is hemp MCT oil?

Hemp MCT oil contains for ingredients from the hemp plant, as well as the MCT molecules.

By extracting CBD from hemp, and mixing it with MCT oil, manufacturers are able to produce a CBD products that’s potentially capable of working more rapidly.

Is MCT the same as CBD?

CBD and MCT oil are two completely separate molecules.

Most sources of CBD come from the hemp plant and most of the MCT comes from coconut oil.

Hemp CBD and MCT benefits?

CBD offers several benefits to the human body.

There are currently hundreds of clinical trials studying CBD for all sorts of potential applications.

Since CBD’s primary benefit is in providing phytonutrients to the ECS, the body is able to bring itself back into balance in a more robust manner.

A strong ability to maintain balance, in the midst of potential threats to the system, essentially keeps you from death.

According to Dr. David Allen, homeostasis is your body’s ability to keep you from dying.

If you’re body is unable to return back into balance, all sorts of things could wobble out of place.

When mixing MCT with CBD, it produces a better response.

CBD and MCT work together as a powerful fuel for the ECS.

Like the tire of a car, when it’s balanced, it provides a smooth (no bump) ride.

If the car tire was bent or broken, you’d notice a lot of jerking around and constant interruption.

CBD infused MCT oil uses

There are numerous potential applications for using CBD infused with MCT oil.

Since MCT help the body better able to absorb CBD, taking a product with CBD infused with MCT oil allows for more rapid release.

Not only does MCT absorb CBD faster, MCT absorbs CBD better.

The body has an overall easier time digesting and processing MCT and wont store as fat in the body.

Benefits of CBD infused into MCT oil include:

  • Rapid release
  • Better absorbing
  • Easier to process
  • Easier to digest
  • Doesn’t store as fat
  • Prevents the digestive system from degrading the CBD
  • Higher concentration of CBD can absorb into the body

CBD is fat-soluble, meaning it dissolves in fats — such as MCT.

The advantage of dissolving CBD into MCT makes it most effective by evenly spreading out the CBD molecules to make it better for absorption.

By dissolving CBD in MCT, a higher concentration of CBD is allowed and capable of getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, MCT helps prevent the digestive system from degrading the CBD — thus allowing more of the CBD you take to be available for your body to absorb it thoroughly.

The technical term for when a molecule — such as CBD — is able to survive all the way through consuming the CBD and then the stomach acids digesting the CBD is called bioavailability.

Bioavailability in short is the body’s ability to use what you put into it.

When infusing CBD with MCT oil, the MCT oil helps increase the bioavailability in numerous ways.

CBD and MCT oil side effects

MCT oil is typically safe to consume for the majority of humans, when consumed orally.

By taking MCT with food, you may be able to reduce some of the potential side effects.

Potential side effects of MCT: (source)

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Intestinal gas
  • Essential fatty acid deficiency
  • And potentially others

Potential side effects of MCT are typically minor, if any.

CBD without MCT oil – which is better?

Most of the CBD oil products on the market are technically not legal for Idaho residents.

Even though federal law allows up to 0.3% THC in CBD oil products, Idaho law say absolutely zero THC — not even trace amounts.

With this high level of restriction, Idaho residents have a very short list of legal CBD oils they can feel safe purchasing.

After spending several years searching for the best CBD companies for Idaho locals to safely purchase from, we’re only able to find two companies who qualified.

The two qualified CBD companies safe for local Idaho consumption are Medterra and Joy Organics.

Medterra offers CBD products that “are” infused with MCT oil.

Whereas Joy Organics uses a virgin oil.

Both CBD companies offer quality products and each type of carrier oil provides distinct advantages.

MCT hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil does not have CBD in it and also wont have MCT either.

What makes hemp seed oil different than CBD oil and MCT oil is that hemp seed oil comes from hemp seed.

CBD oil is extracted hemp and MCT is extracted from coconut.

Types of CBD oil products infused with MCT oil

10 CBD & MCT products include:

  1. CBD MCT oil tincture
  2. CBD MCT oil oral spray
  3. CBD MCT capsules
  4. CBD MCT coffee
  5. MCT CBD cartridge
  6. CBD isolate MCT oil
  7. CBD MCT vape juice
  8. MCT CBD powder
  9. CBD MCT vape pen
  10. CBD rosin MCT oil

With the popularity of CBD and MCT on the rise, we can expect companies to keep researching unique methods for consuming CBD and MCT.

MCT hemp CBD oil for dogs

Medterra speacialized in producing MCT hemp CBD oil for dogs and other pets.

Their product line offers CBD oil tinctures with flavors including beef, chicken or unflavored.

Other pet products Medterra offers are CBD chews with either a peanut butter flavor or bacon flavor.