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Results are gathered from the most recent Certificate Of Analysis (COA) from the testing lab. The results chart displays — side by side — the total amount of cannabinoids in each brand and specific tincture that qualified. What I found this month of May were five different CBD company brands with 12 different CBD tinctures. This month we’re only featuring CBD oil tinctures.

Below, are May 2020 — Idaho CBD Winners — from various categories.

Idaho CBD Awards (May 2020) 2

Top 12 CBD Tinctures

  1. UnCanna – 2,500 mg
  2. Medterra – 1,000 mg
  3. HempWorx – 750 mg
  4. HempWorx – 500 mg
  5. Medterra – 2,000 mg
  6. UnCanna – 1,000 mg
  7. Green Roads – 750 mg
  8. Joy Organics – 1,350 mg
  9. Joy Organics – 450 mg
  10. HempWorx – 1,550 mg
  11. Joy Organics – 225 mg
  12. Green Roads – 300 mg

Most Potent Of Each Cannabinoid

  1. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — CBD (103.5 mg/g)
  2. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — CBDA (0.8 mg/g)
  3. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — CBDV (0.7 mg/g)
  4. HempWorx — 1,500 mg — CBC (1.077 mg/g)
  5. HempWorx — 750 mg — CBN (0.579 mg/g)
  6. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — CBG (5.4 mg/g)
  7. Medterra — 1,000 mg — CBGA (.5997 mg/g)

Widest Range Of Cannabinoids

  1. Medterra — 1,000 mg — (5 cannabinoids CBD, CBDv, CBC, CBN, & CBGa) 
  2. HempWorx — 750 mg — (5 cannabinoids CBD, CBDv, CBC, CBN, & CBG) 
  3. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — (4 cannabinoids CBD, CBDa, CBDv, & CBG) 
  4. HempWorx — 500 mg — (4 cannabinoids CBD, CBC, CBN, & CBG) 
  5. UnCanna — 1,000 mg — (3 cannabinoids CBD, CBDv, & CBG)
  6. Green Roads — 750 mg — (3 cannabinoids CBD, CBDv & CBG) 
  7. Medterra — 2,000 mg — (3 cannabinoids CBD, CBC, & CBN)
  8. Joy Organics — 1,350 mg — (2 cannabinoids CBD & CBG)
  9. Joy Organics — 450 mg — (2 cannabinoids CBD & CBG)
  10. HempWorx — 1,500 mg — (2 cannabinoids CBD & CBC) 
  11. Joy Organics — 225 mg — (1 cannabinoid CBD)
  12. Green Roads — 300 mg — (1 cannabinoid CBD) 

Best Price

  1. Joy Organics — 225 mg — ($29.95)
  2. Green Roads — 300 mg — ($44.99)
  3. Joy Organics — 450 mg — ($53.95)
  4. Medterra — 1,000 mg — ($59.99)
  5. HempWorx — 500 mg — ($69.00)
  6. UnCanna — 1,000 mg — ($80.00)
  7. HempWorx — 750 mg — ($89.00)
  8. Green Roads — 750 mg — ($89.99)
  9. Joy Organics — 1,350 mg — ($99.95)
  10. Medterra — 2,000 mg — ($99.99)
  11. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — ($140.00)
  12. HempWorx — 1,500 mg — ($149.00)

Best Value

  1. Medterra — 2,000 mg — ($0.05 per mg)
  2. Medterra — 1,000 mg — ($0.06 per mg)
  3. UnCanna — 2,500 mg — ($0.06 per mg)
  4. Joy Organics — 1,350 mg — ($0.07 per mg)
  5. UnCanna — 1,000 mg — ($0.08 per mg)
  6. HempWorx — 1,500 mg — ($0.10 per mg)
  7. Green Roads — 750 mg — ($0.12 per mg)
  8. HempWorx — 750 mg — ($0.12 per mg)
  9. Joy Organics — 450 mg — ($0.12 per mg)
  10. Joy Organics — 225 mg — ($0.13 per mg)
  11. HempWorx — 500 mg — ($0.14 per mg)
  12. Green Roads — 300 mg — ($0.15 per mg)

Why host the Idaho CBD Awards?

In 2019, the World CBD Awards hosted its first ceremony. Another website quickly displayed last year’s winners in 13 categories.

A few other companies have also hosted some of their own versions of CBD awards including Men’s Health, CBD Expo, CBD Brands Reviews, and Hemp & CBD Expo. Of course, there are probably several other different companies hosting their own versions of awards. However, since most of these awards are not catered to strict Idaho hemp and CBD laws, I decided to feature the brands I believe to have the best quality CBD products. 

My basic criteria for a quality CBD brand begins with full compliance of Idaho CBD law. Idaho law says CBD products have to have zero (no detectable) amounts of THC. Therefore, the only CBD products legal in Idaho are the lower quality CBD isolate products and broad-spectrum CBD products. What I found bizarre was most CBD brands who claimed they were a broad spectrum CBD product, were, in fact, CBD isolate products. Upon looking at various brands’ lab testing results for an alleged “broad” spectrum, I found only one cannabinoid. Several other alleged broad-spectrum brands only contain two or three different cannabinoids. While some of the higher quality broad-spectrum CBD brands had up to five different detectable cannabinoids.

Since there are a lot of unique methods for consuming CBD, I aim to stick to the few basic staple CBD products (tinctures oils, skin creams, pills, and maybe a few others).

Each other the featured CBD companies provides opportunity to get your first job in the cannabis industry through affiliate sales.

Criteria for the top contenders for the best CBD oil tincture for Idaho residents?

After looking at hundreds of lab testing results from the Certificate of Analysis (COA), I was able to boil it down to six different CBD companies who upheld my standards of the absolute best possible quality CBD product. Between these six brands, I struggled to choose between the top three, and finally naming the top number one CBD brand.

The top CBD oil tincture for Idaho residents is UnCanna’s 2,500 mg bottle. The reason why I chose this brand was obvious after listing all 11 cannabinoids lab tests for in a spreadsheet. I then listed all the brands and bottles next to each other and I plugged in the numbers. What I found was UnCanna not only had zero THC, it also had the highest amount of the most different types of cannabinoids. Even though the next two close runner ups had one more different cannabinoid, UnCanna contained the most potency of four different cannabinoids. Whereas the second and third runner up had five different cannabinoids.

Disqualified Idaho CBD Brands and products

Idaho law is very strict. There are 100’s of illegal CBD brands in Idaho. Even this morning, I woke up to an email newsletter from the Ministry Of Hemp talking about the “best” CBD brands in 2020.

After looking at all these brands, recommended by the Ministry Of Hemp, I noticed 99% of them were illegal for Idaho residents.

What does actual quality CBD look like for Idaho residents?

Quality CBD for Idaho residents is a true broad-spectrum product. A real broad-spectrum CBD oil will have zero THC, but, it will have more than one cannabinoid. The best broad-spectrum CBD products will have a wide range of different cannabinoids. If you only see one cannabinoid on the lab test, it’s technically an isolate product.

Automatic disqualification from the Idaho CBD Awards 2020.

  • Tests positive for any of the four types of illegal THC (THCv, THCa, D8-THC, & D9-THC)
  • No COA to quickly view on their website
  • COA only tests for one or two cannabinoids (ie, CBD & THC)
  • COA is deficient in any other area of safety testing
  • CBD isolate products
  • Other added ingredients
  • Hemp not grown in the USA

To start, the company must have a recent lab test and an easy to view COA on their website. One it’s verified the CBD product is safe from various toxins, the next most important thing is the variety and potency of cannabinoids. The more “different” cannabinoids, the better. 

Next, the hemp must be locally grown in the USA. Then there has to be no added ingredients besides a carrier oil, such as MCT, olive, hemp, or regular coconut oil. I recently learned the word “Natural Flavoring” can mean just about anything. In fact, some vanilla and strawberry Natural Flavoring come from the anal glands of a beaver.

Finally, the last few lesser important criteria for a quality CBD brand is the website user experience, customer service, money-back guarantee, certifications, and potentially more. The method of extraction is an interesting topic with endless deliberation. Some people claim CO2 is the best because it’s the most gentle form of extraction, others say alcohol-based extraction is best because the ancient Egyptians did it that way, and one extraction company defended hydrocarbon extraction because it gave the most accurate extraction. Then there are several other types of extraction. So! I won’t weigh the method of extraction too heavily, just so long as there’s a clean COA, the method of extraction might not be too big of a deal.

For Idaho’s 2020 CBD Awards, I’ll focus on what the lab report says. The actual cannabinoids are the most important areas to focus on when attempting to decide the quality. The actual packaging and color of the bottle mean essentially nothing when it comes to getting the effect you’re looking for when you actually put CBD in your body. 

Interestingly, a few days ago, Marijuana Venture published the 2020 CBD Awards for “just” branding & packaging. Regardless of the actual ingredients, this award project solely focused on the color and shape of the packaging.

This is how the Idaho CBD Awards are different. I don’t care AT ALL about the color design on the packaging. I only care what cannabinoids are in there, how much of each, and no other added stuff. Potency and variety of cannabinoids are the highest criteria for quality.

Did any brands from the other CBD awards feature any legal CBD products?

I started going down the list of brands that received a World CBD Award from 2019.

After visiting the “best” clinically proven brand, the first thing I couldn’t find was a lab-test for the product. Even though they use the marketing words broad-spectrum, they are not able to verify this. In general, if there’s no recent COA, I’ll just quickly consider it illegal for Idaho residents because, why risk it?

I then visited the CBD brand that won the best tincture and found THC in all their lab tests. Therefore, illegal in Idaho. And finally, I kept finding “winning” CBD brands that are completely illegal for Idaho residents.

The World CBD Awards didn’t feature a single CBD brand with legal products for Idaho residents. 

After looking at several of the brands featured on several other CBD award websites, I still couldn’t find any CBD brand that listed their COA, didn’t have any other added ingredients, popped positive for THC, or were CBD isolate products.