Making an accurate decision about hemp oil starts with understanding the laws of the different types of hemp oil products.

The main hemp oil product with the most confusion – is hemp CBD oil.

Currently, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of different hemp products both legal and available for Idaho residents to purchase.

Idaho residents are able to purchase legal hemp products both locally, on Amazon, and many other places across the internet.

The question is hemp oil legal in Idaho, is a very general question and requires understanding a few distinctions between the various types of hemp oils on the market.

There are some hemp oil products that are “illegal” for Idaho residents to purchase.

The primary illegal hemp oils in Idaho are products that have THC in it.

Most CBD oils you can quickly find through a Google search are illegal in Idaho.

All full-spectrum CBD oils contain THC.

Even though some low-quality CBD companies will ship to Idaho, you can still get in trouble because it still has illegal THC in it. Most other low-quality CBD oil brands on the market are CBD isolate products and only contain the one CBD molecule. 

The highest-quality CBD oil available for Idaho residents is broad-spectrum CBD products.

After spending years scouring the internet and looking at all the different lab-testing results – to verify CBD products are both compliant with Idaho state law, as well as verifying its a true broad-spectrum CBD oil – I was only able to find five quality CBD brands I could (in good faith) recommend to Idaho residents.

Learn more about why some hemp CBD oil is legal in Idaho here.

With certain types of hemp CBD oil being legal in Idaho, people are trying to figure out how to get a job in the cannabis industry — specifically in Idaho.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the other different types of hemp oils. 


What are the different hemp oils?

Oils from hemp are made from several potential parts of the plant.

Depending on where the oil comes from and how it’s processed and refined determines the specific hemp oil final product.

Types of oil from hemp include.

  1. Hemp seed oil (good in food and cooking).
  2. Industrial hemp seed oil (good for soaps, paint, and other industrial applications).
  3. Hemp essential oil (made from hemp terpenes).
  4. Hemp CBD oil (has cannabinoids).

Below, we describe the distinctions between the four different hemp oils.


Food grade hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is an oil used in cooking and putting on foods (such as salads and many others). They make hemp seed oil by squeezing the oil from the seed.

Hemp seed oil is available on Amazon as well as most local Idaho supermarkets.

The best and cheapest hemp seed oil is made by Nutiva.

What I like about Amazon is I set up a monthly subscription and through the free Amazon Prime shipping, I automatically receive a new bottle every month – without having to think about it.

I use a LOT of hemp seed oil because it tastes great.

The primary way I personally use it is when I cook eggs.

I add a little bit of hemp seed oil on the bottom of the pan and cook eggs like normal.

I like to call these GREEN EGGS because the hemp seed oil has a very nice deep green color.

Other hemp seed oils products I find at Walmart are WAY more expensive – by double or more.

I once bought a WHOLE GALLON of hemp seed oil on Amazon, also from Nutiva.

If you’re looking for the absolute CHEAPEST hemp seed oil, the best way is to purchase the whole gallon. The best part is the fast free shipping through Amazon Prime.


Industrial hemp seed oil

Industrial hemp seed oil is very different from the food-grade hemp seed oil we discussed directly above.

The primary difference between food-grade hemp seed oil and industrial hemp seed oil is how it’s refined for final use.

Common uses for industrial hemp seed oil include:

  • Body oil.
  • Soaps.
  • Lotions.
  • Lip balm.
  • Shampoo.
  • Paint.
  • Varnish.
  • Lighting oil.
  • Bio-fuel.
  • And much more.

The industrial hemp seed oil has many capable applications used throughout history.

Hemp Traders supplies a standard (non-food grade) industrial hemp seed oil.


Hemp essential oil.

Hemp essential oil products are terpenes and come from the aromatic plant oils extracted from the upper leaves and flowers.

Essential oils are for external use and contain high concentrations of terpenes. Hemp essential oil takes the leaves and flowers and steam distills the terpenes from the plant.

Hemp essential oils are best used in conjunction with other essential oils. What makes hemp essential oil great for mixing with other essential oils is that the hemp essential oil helps make the other essential oils work more effectively. 

Using hemp essential oil by itself is also great as well, especially when you add it to an essential oil diffuser.

The diffuser I use is from Baieshiju. This essential oil diffuser is very affordable and has the most and highest ratings on Amazon.

The best and cheapest hemp essential oil I personally use and recommend is Rosemary Creek’s Hemp essential oil found on Amazon.

What other legal hemp products can Idaho residents use?

Amazon carries a LOT of different hemp products. Although Walmart and other local Idaho stores carry different hemp products, Amazon tends to be the simplest way to quickly find all the different hemp products available. 

Some of my favorite hemp products I’ve tried and use frequently include.

  • Any hemp product from Dr. Bronner.
  • I like all the different hemp soaps and toothpaste. My favorite Dr. Bronner soaps are the Peppermint, Lavender, and Tea Tree.
  • Manitoba has the best Hemp Hearts and the cheapest. Hemp hearts are hemp seeds that have been taken out of the hard shell.
  • My favorite hemp seeds are the ones still in the shell created by Gerbs. What I SUPER like about the hemp seeds still in the shell is you can eat them plain. They are crunchy and taste great! What else I REALLY like doing with whole hemp seeds is manually grinding them with an old fashion grinder. Once ground up, I use it as flour for cooking Coffee Cake, Pancakes, and lots of other things. Probably the most creative things I’ve made with ground-up hemp seed flour were hemp tortilla. This represents just a small fraction of things you can do with ground-up whole hemp seeds.
  • Hemp granola bars.
  • Hemp clothing.
  • And much much more.

The above list is but a small fraction of the available “legal” hemp products available for Idaho residents.