By: Heather Burton

There are new CBD influencers popping up online almost daily, and with tight restrictions surrounding CBD advertising, it looks like a potentially viable marketing avenue.

The right CBD influencer will have a following that is relevant to your brand. Influencer advertising laws vary from state to state. Hashtag research on Instagram is one of the best ways to find paid CBD influencers.

We’re going to look at your top questions about CBD paid influencers to market your products successfully.

How To Succeed In Using Paid Influencers For Your CBD Brand?

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote your CBD brand with influencer marketers.

Establishing a solid plan is one of the foundational elements to succeeding in putting a paid influencer to work for you.

Before hiring an influencer, thoroughly analyze the critical elements of their profile and ask yourself whether or not their following could be a good fit for your ideal customers. 

Another important element in succeeding with paid CBD influencers involves their publication frequency.

The more an influencer is posting, the more the social media algorithms are going to bump their posts into the spotlight of their following.

With more eyes on your CBD influencer, the more opportunity you’ll have to consistently close sales.

Before turning your paid CBD influencer loose to start promoting your brand, establish goals that are achievable and realistic to make sure you get and stay on the same page.

By establishing specific goals for your CBD influencer should, such as increasing sales by 10%, is a reliable strategy in achieving your outcome.

Success with using paid CBD influencers requires a flexible strategy that you’ll always be in the process of fine tuning.. 

Finding influencers in the CBD niche that align with your brand’s identity and are willing to work within specific parameters that you set are a few key elements in reaching your CBD advertising goals.

What Makes A CBD Influencer Successful?

A successful CBD influencer will have a solid following, authentic, and potentially have already worked with other CBD brands in the past. 

Cornerstone components of becoming a successful CBD influencer requires the foundation characteristics of persistence, creativity, and and a go getter attitude to excelle!

If a potential CBD influencer doesn’t necessarily have a large following, that can work to your advantage. 

CBD influencers with smaller followings are known as microinfluencer and some can have a very specific audience that could be much more relevant in bridging the gap in your CBD advertising goals.

Building an ambassador program for your CBD brand can help you more accurately align you with like-minded influencers who actually enjoy using your CBD products.

Common strategies involve encouraging users to share their experience on social media in exchange for a discount or special promotion can grow your reach organically.

Your CBD influencer’s you choose to bring on board should have a core mission and values aligning with your CBD brand.

A good CBD influencer is adaptable, highly teachable, and always ready to upgrade their ongoing actions when the tides of trends make sudden and unexpected turns. 

Is It Legal To Advertise CBD Using Influencer Marketing Strategies?

Before you begin advertising CBD online using social media influencers, be sure to check both local and state laws. 

Each social media site has different guidelines for how your CBD influencers can promote your brand and products. 

By stepping outside of certain social media platform guidelines can cause potential unanticipated removals of your account.

Due to the volatile and grey area of the current state of CBD, marketing your CBD products isn’t like marketing other hemp-related products — due to some serious restrictions. 

CBD products are allowed to be sold in the US and abroad as long as you’re following the specific guidelines outlined in the social media’s policy.

Compliance is a serious issue when it comes to setting your paid CBD influencers loose with your brand to post their lifestyle. 

There’s a lot you can’t say when it comes to advertising CBD products online.

The essence of compliance and what you’re not allowed to say boils down to medical claims.

You’re not allowed to make medical claims or even mention the name of any disease.

By studying the FDA Warning Letters CBD companies have been issued throughout recent years can give you more context and specifics on what not to say.

How Can I Promote CBD On Social Media?

Three common methods of promoting CBD on social media — that don’t involve paid ads — are content syndication, influencers, and hashtags.

To make influencer marketing work for you, make sure the influencer you plan on working with is relevant, posts content regularly, and has a large (and legit) following. 

Remember, each social media platform will have their own specific guidelines you’ll need to fully understand before diving in.

Just like there are specific and extensive protocols for getting CBD ads approved on Facebook, other social media platforms will have their separate and distinct protocols to understand.

Once you’ve hired a CBD influencer, the most critical habit to establish right away is to make sure your influencer isn’t making medical claims or even mentioning disease words.

Making medical claims or even implying disease could land you in hot water with the FDA. 

An excellent resource for understanding what you can and can’t say is a quick reference compliance claim guide created by doTerra.

Even though you cannot promote ingestible products like CBD edibles or vape cartridges, some CBD brands are finding success a bit easiest by advertising topical CBD products like salves or lotions.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket and aim to build a multi-platform presence for your CBD brand.

You can promote CBD on social media by creating high-quality videos that educate and inform your audience about products like pet CBD brand Creating Brighter Days

How Do You Create A Successful CBD Brand?

To begin establishing the foundation of creating a successful CBD brand, it’s critical you start by knowing the laws of the territory you’re operating within.

The next most important elements of starting off on the right foot are to find a reputable CBD supplier, only offer premium-quality CBD products, and make sure you thoroughly lab test every batch of all CBD products. 

With such high and growing interest within the CBD interest, it’s recommended you find an unsaturated niche that still requires quality CBD products.

If you’re still narrowing down what niche you’re going to target, start by asking yourself whether or not you’re going to focus on human science and the health industry, or will you work with CBD that is pet friendly?

The common phase niches build riches continues to stand the test of time due to the vast amounts of available micro-industries you can choose that will set you apart from your competition.

While you can’t easily advertise your CBD vape or CBD edibles on social media, you can expand your brand’s reach through user-generated content.

Even though you can’t use direct paid advertisements for most CBD products on social media, there are still ways you can use traditional online paid advertisements.

Paid CBD ads that are mostly unrestricted are what’s known as Programmatic Pay Per Click advertising and works by filling up unused ad space left over by advertisers.

When it comes to advertising CBD on social media, one of the top ways to create a successful brand is to encourage and share the content of the people who are using your CBD products.

Their content shouldn’t get deleted so long as it doesn’t necessarily directly violate Instagram’s TOS.

Reinforcing your brand’s image encourages new customers to purchase your products over the competitors.

What is the Best Way to Market CBD Products?

One of the many available avenues to market CBD online is podcast sponsorships. 

You can’t sponsor holistic festivals, and you can’t support music events. You can sponsor specific podcasts.

People listen to podcasts. The data says it all: one-third of all adult North Americans listen to a monthly podcast. 

Even if you’re skeptical, there is significant potential for you to see a return on your podcast sponsorship campaign.

When it comes to advertising on a podcast, you already have an audience. 

There’s no need to hope the right people stumble upon your ad because you specifically chose a podcast with your intended audience. 

It’s all about creativity when it comes to marketing CBD.

How Do You Become a CBD Influencer?

To become a paid CBD influencer, you must have a reputable social media account, a relatively large following, and you need to post content daily.

In short, becoming an influencer for CBD products takes time, consistency, and a particular personality.

Start by reviewing CBD products you have tried and that you like. 

Then start moving towards answering questions surrounding CBD oil and make an effort to educate your audience.

When you share information for free on social channels, CBD brands may reach out and either give you products to promote or offer you a wholesale discount.

If you don’t want to wait for a CBD brand to reach out to you, the best advice is to start hustling and email dozens and dozens of brands asking if you can be a CBD influencer for them.

You can’t run ads on big search and social platforms outright, in most situations if you’re not already a GIANT CBD company, but the CBD marketing scene is growing faster than the plant itself. 

Can You Promote CBD on Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are loosening their grip on banning CBD. 

You are allowed to advertise CBD-infused topical products like salves, but you can’t promote CBD products that are ingestible: edibles, tinctures and vape products.

CBD companies can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they can now use this platform to grow their brand and reach their target audience. 

Unfortunately, even though CBD products have received the green light on platforms like Instagram, there are still tight guidelines on what type of ad content can be used on the platform.

With a little creativity and a few legal loopholes, there are ways to promote CBD on Instagram by posting relevant content, using paid influencers, and doing ongoing thorough hashtag research.

Where Can I find CBD Influencers?

Research relevant hashtags on Instagram and Facebook to find CBD influencers who are already naturally posting content about the CBD products they’re already using. 

Because Instagram’s ad policy mandates influencers to use a #sponsored hashtag, you can quickly locate influencers that align with your CBD brand.

Top CBD influencers are easy to find because they typically have a large and loyal fan base that relies on the influencer’s authenticity when trying new products.

You can also use influencers that are already your customers. 

Place a pop-up on your site to encourage influencers to share their purchase on their social channels in exchange for discounts or exclusive offers.

Creativity and planning. These two skills will ensure the paid CBD influencer you choose will be a great partner for your brand.