Quality CBD can be challenging to find. If you’ve had a bad experience or no effect from a cheap gas station or grocery store brand, there are specific solutions to finding a CBD product that can help you find relief.

Find local CBD at Plant Therapy in the Magic Valley Mall or at Your CBD Store located behind Arctic Circle on Blue Lakes. Verified quality CBD products you can buy online include, Medterra, Joy Organics, & The Raw Botanics. Quality brands have recent lab testing results verifying its legal & safe.

Below, we’ll look at specifics on how to find and buy quality CBD that ship to Idaho. We’ll also give you information on how to troubleshoot some common issues new and experienced CBD users can bump into.

Where To Buy Quality CBD Online That Ships To Twin Falls?

My number one go-to CBD product is Medterra’s Unflavored Ultra Broad-Spectrum CBD (check pricing).

While they have a few other flavors, I like the unflavored version better because I’m able to use it for more than just under-the-tongue drops.

Several times, I’ve needed inner ear pain relief, I cut myself, or my little one has dry skin or rash.

If you buy a CBD oil tincture that has added essential oils, sugar, or other flavorings — you may not want to use it inside your ear, on cuts, or open skin issues.

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Shops Selling CBD In Twin Falls Idaho

While a good handful of places that sell CBD, don’t necessarily make it easy to find online.

A few places I’ve seen selling CBD include; gas stations, vape shops, head shops, grocery stores, and many more.

Here are a few locations in Twin Falls Idaho that have a website showing you their CBD products for sale.

  • Your CBD Store (Website) – Located behind Arctic Circle on Blue Lakes Blvd N.
  • Plant Therapy (Website) – Located in the Magic Valley Mall and 127 Main Ave W

The quickly rising popularity of CBD is starting to pop up all over the place.

One repeated issue users are finding is the sporadic quality of CBD with Amazon brands and cheap local gas station products.

Those who’ve been taking CBD for a while can absolutely feel the difference between quality CBD and cheap Made In China brands.

How To Identify If It’s Quality CBD?

Quality is somewhat of a relative word when it comes to CBD.

If you find yourself not experiencing the relief you were hoping for, there are a few things to be aware of before you completely give up on CBD.

Most people are turning to CBD for pain relief, better sleep, anxiety relief, muscle relaxation, etc.

When CBD doesn’t work, you typically need a stronger dosage of a product that also contains a broader range of other cannabinoids.

Most low-quality CBD companies use only purified CBD isolate that will have a potential little bit of an effect, but mostly usually not.

Quick list of ways to tell if you’re dealing with a quality CBD brand.

  • All ingredients are listed — including all lab tested cannabinoids
  • Recent lab testing Certificate Of Analysis (COA) results that are easy to find
  • Lots of high reviews that are real and not just fake reviews the company trades users for free product

Troubleshooting Common Problems With CBD

Every day, new applications are being discovered for how you can use CBD.

While CBD is rapidly growing in popularity and people are experimenting with what issues they can use CBD for, some are finding some issues.

CBD solutions to common problems.

  • Wrong dosage. You’re taking too much or too little. To calculate your CBD dosage and how much CBD is in each drop of your tincture, use our CBD Dosage Calculator here.
  • Reduce how much CBD you take for daytime use.
  • Increase CBD dosage for night time applications for better sleep.
  • Accidentally getting CBD in your eye. Follow these steps here.

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cbd dosage chart calculator

Is CBD Legal In Twin Falls Idaho?

CBD is legal in Twin Falls Idaho, but THC is not legal.

Even though federal law allows up to 0.3% THC in products, Idaho law hasn’t changed.

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Idaho law says your CBD products have to contain No Detectable (ND) amounts of THC.

If there’s even a trace amount of THC in your product, it’s not legal.

While federal law allows CBD companies to ship CBD products to Idaho, it is your individual responsibility to make sure there are no trace amounts of illegal THC in your product.

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If you get caught with trace amounts of THC in your products, it’s not the company who misled you with deceitful labeling, it will ultimately be your fault.

Some deceitful CBD product labels lie and say Zero THC or even THC-FREE.


What Zero THC or THC-FREE actually can technically mean is that it’s compliant with federal law and there’s less than 0.3% THC.

While 0.3% THC is detectable by Idaho testing facilities, you always want to double-check the recent lab testing results from the company you’re purchasing from.

If the company doesn’t have an easily accessible Certificate Of Analysis (COA) from an accredited testing lab, you might want to stay away from that brand.

Every CBD brand on Amazon will not allow you to see a full COA because, in order to sell CBD products on Amazon, you’re not allowed to show the cannabinoid contents.

Final Thoughts Before Buying CBD In Twin Falls Idaho

First and foremost, safety and legality are the priority.

Make sure your CBD is legal before you have an out-of-state company ship it to you.

Quality CBD companies will have quick and easy access to a recent lab report verifying it’s safe and legal.

A Certificate Of Analysis lab report from an accredited lab has a ton of information that can be difficult to read.

Essentially, you want to make sure there are no dangerous residual chemicals in it, as well as there being no detectable amounts of THC.

There are at least four different types of THC and your lab report must not detect any trace amounts of any of the 4+ different types of THC.