Become A CBD Writer For Legal CBD Oil Idaho (LCI)

The cost per backlink is $79.00.

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Have you ever wondered how to find quality CBD websites that accept freelance and contributor pitches?

Great! Welcome To LCI!

We do accept freelance and contributor pitches.

The guide below will help you along the way.

We’re always looking for freelance writers who can contribute well-researched articles to

Publishing Content On LCI

  • Guest posting for DoFollow backlinks starts at $199 per backlink.
  • Guest posting for exposure and author bio credit and link to portfolio or Social is a win/win deal with no money exchange. Pending quality of content.
  • Staff Writers earn $50 or more per approved article written to exact specifications on topics/outlines we provide.
  • Interns can earn staff writer fees if they produce a perfect document requiring no edits.
  • We’re looking for an Editor who is trained to write blog articles like the Income School’s Project 24 teaches.

How To Pitch Legal CBD Oil Idaho

Are you a knowledgeable CBD writer?

Our goal at Legal CBD Oil Idaho is to spread awareness and accurate information about how to safely & legally consume CBD in Idaho (and around the world).

The CBD information we share:

  • Helps first-time users have the best experience possible.
  • Helps you overcome perceived obstacles causing you to hesitate trying CBD.
  • Helps you pass a drug test with a truly 0.0000% THC-FREE product.
  • Solves problems for avid CBD consumers.
  • Helps you identify your ideal dosage.
  • Helps you find the best type of CBD for your situation.
  • Helps you safely figure out how to add CBD to your current medication schedule.
  • Helps you understand all aspects of cannabis, the human EndoCannabinoid System, and how to optimize your experience.
  • Keeps you up to date with legal information.
  • How to help legalize raw whole plant cannabis.
  • CBD product reviews and recommendations.

If you have valuable information about CBD and/or cannabis that you believe our audience should know about, you’ve come to the right place.

In order for us to publish your CBD article on our website, please review our procedure and guideline below before submitting a request.

CBD Guest Post Requirements

  • No medical claims. Avoid using medical conditions. View FDA Warning Letters to CBD companies to get an idea of what to avoid writing.
  • Your content must be 100% unique, original, and “not” plagiarized. We can’t publish duplicate content that’s written by another author or already published somewhere else. We verify all content is original before publishing.
  • Article length must be between 700 – 2,000+ words.
  • Hyperlink to medical journals, clinical trials, and other research. Do not link to other competitor CBD websites. We only publish accurate high-quality information verified from reputable authoritative reliable sources. We must be able to quickly verify any claim you make in your article. Don’t make us work too hard to verify your claim.
  • We reserve the right to edit your article as appropriate. We’ll aim to keep your article as intact as possible.
  • Focus on relevant information.
  • Don’t regurgitate the frequently asked questions across the internet. Topics to avoid; What Is CBD
  • All content submitted for review must be on par to meet and exceed the current standards we’re currently publishing. Please format your article to mirror our most recent publications.

CBD Guest Post Process

  • Email your article or topic to
  • Email Subject: Guest Posting On Legal CBD Oil Idaho.
  • Email Content: Suggested title and content outline.
  • Include first and last name (or pen name).
  • Include author bio.
  • Include a link to your website, portfolio, and/or primary social account for us to link you to in your article.
  • Include suggested image.

Note: We reserve the right to reject any article that doesn’t add value to our audience.

CBD Guest Post Tips

We regularly receive guest post requests, and we reject at least half of them mainly due to quality, flow, accuracy, citing authoritative sources, etc.

  • Make your articles educational and information — not promotional or product-focused.
  • If you have a personal experience with CBD, write in the first person perspective detailing your story.
  • Find a problem or common questions relevant to CBD and cannabis, and then answer the question in a concise manner — quickly — at the very top of the article. Provide the center bullseye answer at the very top of the article. Don’t force viewers to read the entire article before you give them the specific answer to their specific question. If you don’t give readers the answer right away, the reader has a high likelihood of “pogo-sticking” back out of your article and on to our competitor’s article with the intention of finding a faster and more accurate answer.
  • Avoid political activism, yellow journalism, angry victim tone, etc. Yes, we agree Americans should have the freedom to safely access the quality and variety of cannabis products. However, our aim isn’t too bad-mouth or slander haters or gatekeepers in leadership roles. Our outcome is to provide accurate education to those who already use CBD & cannabis, as well as to help educate those who are seriously considering adding CBD to their routine.
  • Avoid stoner culture, bongs, pipes, and anything related to marijuana partying. We’re not here to entertain, we’re here to educate.