Every day, new CBD brands are popping up and claiming they have the next best products.

CBD isolate or broad-spectrum products have zero THC, not even trace detectable amounts. Product labeling can lie a lot easier than a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) from a certified reputable lab. Always make sure you verify on the lab test COA there are no detectable amounts of THC before you purchase and consume.

Below, we’ll look at some of our favorite zero THC CBD oil products from trusted CBD brands we like and use regularly. Further down, we’ll go into more detail about if it’s actually possible to have a true zero THC CBD product. And we’ll also look at a shortlist of CBD products that can have THC in them.

Where To Buy Zero THC CBD Oil In Idaho?

Several CBD brands offer products with a label that says it has zero THC.

CBD brands we trust and use.

  1. Medterra (Visit Website)
  2. Joy Organics (Visit Website)
  3. The Raw Botanics Co. (Visit Website)
  4. Longevity CBD (Visit Website)
  5. Innovative Extracts LLC (Visit Website)

Find CBD locally in Idaho here.

CBD Brand (All Products)Best Zero THC CBD Products
MedterraUltra Broad Spectrum™ CBD Oil — (Check Pricing)
Joy OrganicsUnflavored: Organic Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture — (Check Pricing)
The Raw Botanics Co.RESTORE CBD + CBG 2500mg Tincture (Broad Spectrum) — (Check Pricing)
Longevity CBDBroad Spectrum CBD 750mg Tincture — (Check Pricing)
Innovative Extracts LLCEXTRA STRENGTH BROAD SPECTRUM (THC-FREE) — (Check Pricing)

Before purchasing any CBD product, make sure to double-check the lab testing results COA shows there are no detectable amounts of THC.

Even the best companies can make a mistake, however, it’s your ultimate responsibility for what you decide to put in your body.

Making it worth the few extra seconds it takes to make absolutely certain you’ve done your due diligence to verify the THC from your zero THC CBD oil actually has no detectable amounts.

What Does Zero THC Actually Mean?

Zero THC means all the THC has been removed from the CBD product.

When analyzed by a certified testing lab, they will confirm there are no detectable amounts of THC and that’s it’s completely free of THC having exactly zero measurable THC.

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is illegal in Idaho, even if there’s less than 0.3% THC and is compliant with federal law.

Below, we’ll look at what a typical lab testing Certificate Of Analysis (COA) looks like to help you verify your THC actually has no detectable amounts of THC.

Many brands on the market are falsely claiming their zero THC products have no detectable amounts, however, when looking closely at the COA, you may find there are still trace amounts of detectable THC.

While it’s somewhat accurate to say zero THC if you’re CBD products are federally compliant, however, if you live in states like Idaho, trace amounts of THC can still potentially get you in trouble.

Is There Such A Thing As 0 THC?

Yes, it’s possible to have a 100% THC FREE CBD product, with no detectable amounts.

A completely THC FREE CBD product is when the manufacturing facilities removed all the THC from the product.

There are two basic types of CBD products that are, in fact, zero THC.

Two types of zero THC CBD products include.

  1. Broad spectrum CBD — Includes other powerful cannabinoids and terpenes.
  2. CBD isolate — Just pure CBD poweder

Quality CBD companies make it possible to completely remove all of the THC from the product.

Certain companies even go so far as to guarantee that 100% of all the THC has been removed.

Is CBD Actually Legal In Idaho 2021?

Yes, CBD is legal in Idaho if there are no detectable amounts of THC. Learn more here.

Even though CBD is legal and the label on the product says there’s no THC in it, does that actually mean there are no detectable amounts of THC in it?

Learn more: Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Legal In Idaho?

Don’t let the label on your CBD products trick you into automatically thinking, just because it says there’s no THC in it, doesn’t necessarily mean the lab testing results won’t find a small detectable amount of THC.

Types Of CBD ProductIs It Legal In Idaho?
Full Spectrum CBD ProductsIllegal. Will have detectable levels of THC.
CBD Oil Tincture – Broad Spectrum & IsolateLegal. If there’s no detectable THC.
GummiesLegal. If there’s no detectable THC.
Topicals. Cream, Salve, Lotion, Etc.Legal. If there’s no detectable THC.
CBD Hemp FlowerIllegal. Will have detectable levels of THC.

Before you purchase any zero THC CBD product in Idaho, always make sure you verify there are no detectable amounts of THC on the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) from a reputable certified lab.

If you look carefully at the lab report above, you’ll notice how there are several different types of variations of the THC molecule.

Idaho law is clear and says any isomer (variation) of THC is illegal.