Accidents happen, and if it’s pure CBD, it may not be as big of an issue to quickly flush out with water. If there are added chemicals, such as essential oils, you may experience sharp burning sensations requiring oil or milk to flush out.

Pure CBD products — with no added ingredients — typically only need a 15-minute water flush. If your CBD product has an essential oil or other chemicals added, DO NOT START FLUSHING WITH WATER. Essential oil added to CBD requires you to start by flushing your eye with a carrier oil or milk.

Below, we’ll look at specific procedures on how best to flush our pure CBD or CBD containing additional chemicals — such as essential oils.

How To Clean Your Eyes If You Got CBD In It?

If your hands are dirty, you’ll need to quickly wash them before with soap and water before attempting to flush your eye with cool water.

To safely clean your eyes, all you typically need to do is flush with cool tap water (or saline solution) as soon as you possibly can — for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Flushing your eye can be done using your regular sink or shower, whichever is closer, more convenient, and cleaner.

You can also use a small cup filled with water to more easily flush water directly into your eye.

For contact wearers, before you begin splashing your eyeballs with cool water or saline, take out your contacts — as you keep flushing your eye.

Don’t rub your eye as your flush; rubbing could cause more irritation.

If your eye is still red and in pain after 24 hours, you may need to seek emergency help.

Flushing Your Eye If Your CBD Has An Essential Oil Added Or Other Added Chemicals?

CAUTION. If you got essential oil in your eye — don’t even try to start flushing your eye with water.

Classic wisdom tells us that water and oil don’t mix, and the water will actually drive the oil deeper into your eye — causing a bigger potential problem.

CBD products with added essential oils require you to start by flushing your eye with a carrier oil — such as fractionated coconut oil, regular coconut oil, sesame seed oil, olive oil, etc.

If you don’t have a carrier oil, some sources recommend using milk to help dilute the essential oil.

Just about any basic carrier oil can be used to make the stinging sensation disappear within seconds of applying the carrier oil to your eye and around your eye.

To flush your eye with a carrier oil, simply splash quite a bit into your hand and then start patting it all around your eye everywhere (not in it). 

Carrier oils help to dilute the essential oil, instead of driving it deeper into your eye.

Is It Safe To Flush Your Eye With Water If Your CBD Has Other Added Ingredients?

Water is an effective solution for flushing out your eye, however, if your CBD oil has other added ingredients — such as essential oils, stevia, natural flavoring, etc. — water won’t typically be your best first method for flushing your eye.

Some CBD products may have other added chemicals and may require a quick call to Poison Control for a potentially different procedure in how to properly flush out the more harsh added ingredients.

Poison Control is a free service and has a national hotline you can quickly call, or you can get help online

Poison Control phone number. (1-800-222-1222)

In rare instances, the poison control experts may recommend you immediately go to the emergency room.

If poison control recommends you go to the ER, make sure to take your CBD product with you for the doctors to properly identify exactly what might be in your eye.

Do You Need An Eye Flush Solution, Visine, Or Saline?

Several sources and anecdotal reports advise you not to use Visine to flush your eye out, especially if you have essential oil mixed with your CBD products.

Normal saline solution can work well for flushing out your eye if it’s a high-quality sterile solution without any added preservatives or chemicals.

Bausch + Lomb has an eye relief product that can help you find relief.

In most instances, water, carrier oil, or milk will provide you all the at-home relief you need to restore normal eye function.

How To Make A Homemade Eye Wash?

Most of the time, when you need to flush your eye, it’s an “emergency” moment where you need instant relief, and you may not have the time or patience to make a homemade eyewash solution.

Healthline has a recipe for making saline solution, and Medical News Today has a slightly different method of making your own homemade saline solution.

Both recipes for making homemade eyewash will take you time with the basic ingredients consisting of distilled water and salt.

Each requires boiling water and then letting it cool to room temperature.

If you’re in a situation where you need instant relief, water, milk, and/or nearly any type of vegetable oil will provide you with fast relief.