Pet owners are finding their dogs are loving CBD treat! But, is it actually good for them to be eating CBD everyday?

In most cases, your dog can eat CBD treats everyday. Even in large doses, you won’t have to worry about them overdosing or harming them. Full spectrum CBD products will have some THC that can cause a bad reaction. Consult with your vet to make sure CBD wont negatively interact with their medication.

Below, we’ll look at other factors to help you give your dog the best experience with giving them CBD treats everyday.

How Often Should I Give My Dog CBD Treats?

You can start by giving your dog a CBD treat every eight hours, more or less, as they need it.

Larger CBD doses make them sleepy, while smaller doses will give them benefits while keeping them awake.

At the proper dosage and your vets recommendation, it’s typically okay to give your dog CBD treats as often as they need it.

How often you may want to give you dog CBD treat depends on:

  • Amount of CBD in treat
  • Size of your dog
  • Severity of issue
  • What your dog ate
  • Activity level

If your dog isn’t finding the relief you’re looking for within about 20-30 minutes, you may want to give them another bit of a CBD treat.

By giving your dog CBD treats long term, your dog may need more to achieve the same results.

How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Treats Last In A Dog?

Larger doses of CBD can last up to about eight hours, while lower doses last as little as four hour.

Several factors will determine how long the effects of CBD treats will last when you give them to your dog.

Each dog will process CBD differently and may require a bit of calibration to fine the best daily dosage that suits them best.

Can A Dog Overdose On CBD Treats?

CBD is safe in large dosages and if your CBD dog treats have zero THC, you won’t have to worry about THC toxicity.

Since CBD is not toxic to your dogs, you won’t have to worry about them overdosing.

Full Spectrum products have THC in it and can cause a negative reaction in your dog.

The best CBD treats to give your dogs will not have any trace amounts of THC.

Can Too Much CBD Hurt My Dog?

In most cases, giving your dog a little bit more CBD won’t hurt them.

Aside from potential mild side effects, you’ll want to start by making your dog comfortable and confine them.

CBD can negatively interact with some medications and is therefore wise to consult with you vet before giving your dog CBD in any dosage.

What Happens If You Give Your Dog Too Much CBD?

Giving your dog too much CBD may trigger the sedative effects of CBD.

Your dog may also have in increased thirst while experiencing the higher dosage of CBD.

Until you know what the best CBD dosage is, try not to make your dog too active.

When the larger dosage starts making them sleepy, it’s best to make them comfortable while giving them a quite space to relax and enjoy the relaxing effects of their CBD treat.

What Are The Best CBD Dog Treats To Give Them Everyday?

Lower dose CBD dog treats are best to start out with.

Even though you have a bigger dog, you may want to start with a lower CBD dose dog treat and work your way to larger doses, depending on how they respond.