My mom has been going to Disney Land, at least three times per year. Most of our family lives in Twin Falls Idaho and she recently started taking a keen liking to CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

She like’s taking the Natural flavored Joy Organics CBD for her leg pain and she also reports it helps her sleep – while giving her VERY good dreams.

And she like giving different flavors to her nephew — she takes care of — for his autism and various muscular dystrophy issues.

Needless to say, she’s been preferring CBD oil over the “other” types of pills.

With this new preference towards CBD and her love of taking her kids and grandkids to Disney Land – often – she began expressing concern for how she was going to take her preferred CBD on a plane and all the way to Disney Land.

After my mom expressed her concern to me about taking CBD oil through the Twin Falls airport security and onto an airplane, I decided to call the airport and see what they said and what the regulations were.

Upon calling the Twin Falls airport staff an inquiring if I could take CBD to carry on or in a checked bag, the gentleman I spoke to admitted, not only that he had no clue, but also that he probably should have an answer – since CBD was starting to get VERY popular all across the country.

The airport gentleman then recommends I call the Twin Fall Police Department to see what they might recommend.

What did the Twin Falls Police Department say about taking CBD on an airplane?

After hopping off the phone with the airport, I immediately called the Twin Fall Police Department.

I play a bit of phone tag, but within a few hours, I was on the phone chatting with Office Ehart.

To sum up our conversation, he recommended we do “not” take CBD on an airplane.

At least not during these confusing times where CBD and hemp are being mistaken as marijuana, by Idaho authorities.

Instead, since the final destination was “legal” California, the very police officer suggests we wait and purchase CBD oil when after landing in California.

I then asked, what would happen if I were to take CBD on the airplane and through airport security.

Very politely he responded by explaining how the airport could potentially confiscate the CBD oil.

If they were to confiscate it, they would have to ship it to the state testing lab to make sure there was zero THC.

Even though federal law says your CBD oil can have up to (and no more) than 0.3% THC, the actual written Idaho State Laws explicitly state there can be no detectable amounts of THC in the CBD oil.

Meaning, if the airport were to confiscate your CBD oil, and it was to show any little trace amounts of THC, further disciplinary action might occur.

Rather than going through all of that potential hassle, it might be best to keep your CBD oil at home, and not travel with it on an airplane in Idaho.

Does the Twin Fall Police Department have any other problems with CBD?

Since I was on the phone with the Twin Falls Police Department, my curiosity and list of questions were almost endless.

I wanted to respect the very nice officers’ time, so I held back several more pressing questions I had about the legality of CBD and how they might be policing and enforcing it.

When I had this conversation with the Twin Falls Police Department, a local brick and mortar retail store selling CBD had recently popped up.

I inquired if the Twin Falls Police Department had any issues with a local physical shop selling CBD oil?

He answered, no. Not that he was aware of.

That answer was a bit reassuring that local law enforcement was understanding that a zero THC – CBD oil was being purchased, shipped, and sold to Idaho residents. And there were no issues.

With Idaho’s strict laws, cannabis business owners are still able to legally open up for business — thus creating several jobs for those looking to get a job in the cannabis industry.