Emotional stress is one of the primary factors contributing to six of the main causes of death, with stress being the reason for 75-90% of all doctor visits.

CBD can help reduce mild symptoms of stress for lesser severe conditions. Clinical trials for CBD & stress active & recruiting. CBD dosage for stress relief ranges from 40 – 300 mg per day. Taking too much CBD can during the day can make you sleepy & irritable if you try to fight the sleep effects. 

Below we’ll look at more specifics on how to better use CBD to relieve stress and anger.

Is CBD Oil Good For Stress?

A recent medical journal reports 70% of patients found good or excellent levels of satisfaction when taking CBD for three weeks.

Overall improvement in quality of life was observed in this study of 400 participants.

Elements of stress measured throughout this study include.

  1. Mobility
  2. Self-care
  3. Usual activities
  4. Pain/discomfort
  5. Anxiety/depression

Other positive effects patients reported were improved quality of normal sleep as well as improving appetite.

In general, participants found CBD was well tolerated and had mild negative effects, that were mostly related to sedation.

As of July 2021, there are 14 clinical trials in various stages researching CBD in relation to stress, burnout, and more.

Further research published in the journal of Neurotherapeutics shows long-term stress can impair your natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS) from performing proper endogenous cannabinoid signaling in your brain.

CBD For Stress Relief Dosage

In the study referenced above, daily CBD dosage ranged from 40 – 300 mg.

CBD dosage recommended by the clinician is 100 mg/day.

Most sources say to start with the lowest dose and slowly increase until you’ve achieved effective results.

Use the CBD Calculator to figure out your dosage based on the strength of CBD you have.

Can CBD Cause Stress Or Anger?

Even though one of the potential negative side effects of CBD is irritability, the primary reason why you might get angry or more stress when taking CBD is that you’re taking too much.

Learn more: CBD Causing Irritability? Can CBD Oil Cause Aggression Or Anger?

Taking too much CBD at one time can trigger sleepiness and the anger or irritability you might be experiencing throughout the normal day may actually be you feeling tired.

If you find yourself getting snappy or angry when taking CBD, try either laying down or taking a lower dosage.

Best CBD For Stress Relief

Some states require zero THC and most brands will have trace amounts.

For states such as Idaho, quality broad-spectrum CBD products will have numerous cannabinoids that will enhance the overall effects.

Browse CBD catalog here.

Future studies will investigate whole cannabis plant products due to the synergistic effect of the terpenes and other cannabinoids.

CBD Plus Other Natural Stress Relief Methods?

No single stress relief method will work for everyone, in all situations, all the time.

To best deal with stress in a healthy manner, the most effective place to start is in understanding what stress is and specifically how stress gets triggered in you.

Common stress relief strategies to add CBD  include.

  1. Exercise
  2. Breathing (Guided Wim Hof Method)
  3. Meditation
  4. Relaxation
  5. Diet
  6. Laugh
  7. Saying no (keep your plate light)
  8. Appreciation
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Get a pet
  11. Reduce workload and demands

If you’re ready to let go of stress, there are several methods to begin experimenting with.

To find the right stress reliever combination, start exploring all the potential natural stress-relieving options.