Everyone receives bags under the eyes every once in a while, whether it’s fatigue or natural aging. After much research, it comes to my attention that CBD has the potential to support baggy eyes. 

CBD has the potential to support the reduction of baggy eyes by applying the right CBD under eye cream and or eye serum tincture. 

After much research, I’ll explain how well CBD interacts with puffy eyes. Whether a topical cream or oil, CBD may support the reduction of baggy eyes. 

Is CBD Good For The Eyes?

It’s not good to put CBD directly inside of your eye, for specific reasons.

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You can, however, apply CBD topical creams all around your eye. 

Applying CBD topical creams help restore your normal healthy glow around your eyes.

Users are finding quick results, as well as helping ongoing long-term maintenance of healthy around the eye function.

CAUTION: Don’t put CBD directly inside of your eyeball.

If you accidentally get CBD oil in your eye, go here.

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Can CBD Tighten Skin Under The Eyes?

CBD is touted to tighten the skin under the eyes due to its strong properties such as fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Fatty acids help the skin hydrated and retain moisture. This ultimately gives it the elasticity it needs to tighten up. 

Even more so, these nutrients in CBD may help dry wrinkles under the eyes.

Overall, the essential fatty acids in CBD may give the appearance of youth all while keeping puffiness at bay. 

Can CBD Oil Cause Puffy Eyes?

CBD can only cause puffy eyes to individuals that have an allergic reaction or choosing the wrong CBD. 

Moreover, puffy eyes can result in an allergic reaction to CBD depending on the person. Everyone is different so it may affect one person differently than another. 

Another potential result in puffy eyes is choosing the wrong CBD. There are some CBD companies on the market that aren’t top quality and aren’t properly tested. 

In finding the right CBD, always verify their testing standards to make sure you’re getting pure 100% CBD. 

Otherwise, it can result in side effects like puffy eyes. 

How Do I Apply CBD Under Eye Serum?

Start applying a CBD eye serum by adding a few drops around the eye if using a tincture serum. You’ll need to start with a very few drops to see how it works over time.

If using a CBD roll-on serum, add the roll-on underneath the eye with one swipe. Take care to avoid the eye itself. 

Then if it’s needed, you can slowly increase the quantity to get the desired results. 

How Much CBD To Put Under Your Eyes?

As mentioned earlier, you can apply a few small drops such as 1-2 drops to start. Slowly increase this amount to 3-6 drops to give you the best results needed. 

If using a CBD topical cream, some will recommend different dosages. Medterra has a topical cream that contains 7.5 mg per 1 ml. In this, start by using a small amount, then increase if needed. 

When using a roll-on serum, it’s best to increase the frequency of usage throughout the day to see results. One to two smooth applications underneath the eye is all you need to start. 

You won’t see results until after a few days to a few weeks of applying CBD. 

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How Often To Apply CBD For Best Results? 

Depending on the right dosage for your physical preferences, some adults take the desired dosage amount 1-3 times per day. 

For a roll-on CBD under eye serum, applying it 1-2 times a day from morning to night is a good start until results are achieved. 

Whether it’s a topical cream or oil, knowing how many milligrams are needed will give you the best results. 

Best Under Eye CBD Serum

CBD serums support many areas of the skin that includes hydrating, tightening, revitalizing, and supporting overall skin health. 

Here are a few of the best CBD oil you can use for puffy eyes.

The above three recommended under the eye CBD creams leave your skin feeling a consistent smooth sensation that continues moisturizing your skin without a greasy, sticky, or oily feeling.

Each recommended CBD eye serum above has it’s own unique advantages.

The Raw Advantage Topical Cream has lemongrass, ginger terpenes, and other vitamins to give you that extra bit of efficient absorption.

CBD + Manuka Cream gives you the added advantage of taking full advantage of the powerful effects of manuka honey. It also includes several other super nutrient dense ingredients such as Jojoba, Cocoa, Grapefruit, Mango, and much more.

Premium CBD Cream from Joy Organics is your top-notch optimal standard premium option that’s best for daily use.