Understanding the three different types of CBD oil products — in relation to Idaho state law — provides clarity as to what’s allowable to use in Idaho, without having any problems with the law. The three basic types of CBD oil products are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Although full-spectrum is definitely the BEST option in a lot of situations to maximize health benefits, broad-spectrum can have several excellent uses. And then CBD isolate products are, in my very strong opinion, NEVER recommended – for specific reasons.

Idaho law is “more” strict than federal law when it comes to hemp and CBD oil. Even though federal law recently legalized hemp to allow up to 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), local Idaho law says ZERO detectable amounts of THC. Specifically, Idaho state law makes it clear that if there are any detectable amounts of THC in the CBD oil, they will most likely treat it as illegal marijuana and might prosecute as such. Therefore, since full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, it is NOT legal in Idaho.

Can you buy any type of CBD in Idaho?

Not all CBD oil products are legal for Idaho residents to take advantage of.

Even though full-spectrum CBD oil is technically considered illegal marijuana in the state of Idaho, there are still several VERY high-quality types of CBD products you can purchase online and have safely shipped to Idaho.

The only type of CBD oil I will recommend are broad-spectrum CBD oil products. There’s are specific reasons why I say no to CBD isolate products forever. Why I don’t recommend CBD isolate products is because they’re mostly useless and requires a very precise dosage to even get a very minimal effect.

Where can you buy broad-spectrum CBD oil in Idaho?

The only place to buy quality broad-spectrum CBD oil in Idaho is to order it online.

Off an on, CBD shops will pop up for a short time. After popping up, we’ll typically see a news article, and then for some reason they get shut down.

The reason why these CBD shops get closed down in Idaho is primarily a compliance issue.

They are typically selling full-spectrum CBD products — that contain THC — and is therefore illegal marijuana in the state of Idaho.

Yes. According to the written Idaho state laws, only a few CBD brands follow Idaho CBD law.

Therefore, if you comply with the strict Idaho laws, you can enjoy legal CBD oil products in Idaho.

Quality CBD brands offer broad-spectrum CBD products. A true broad-spectrum CBD oil will have a wide range of cannabinoids without the THC molecule.

In the Mr. Hemp Flower screenshot above, you can see how there are many CBD brands that ship illegal products to Idaho residents. Make sure you know the law and don’t listen to illegally operating companies that can get you in some serious trouble.

How can you protect yourself from buying a low-quality CBD oil in Idaho?

After spending close to 10 years searching for the best type of CBD oil, I can say with the utmost confidence that Joy Organics continues offering the most consistent quality broad-spectrum CBD oil that’s legal all across Idaho.

What I’ve found in my time searching for the best CBD oil for Idaho residents — online — is that it’s not necessarily too hard to create an initially high quality CBD oil.

The challenge I came to realize was for a CBD brand to maintain both quality and compliance.

One CBD oil I use to recommend was a really good brand.

And then one day I went to reorder another bottle of CBD oil to have shipped to Jerome Idaho, and I’m GLAD that I double check the most recent lab test.

What I found on that most recent lab test was trace amounts of THC present, when before there was no detectable amounts.

This was not a good feeling.

I spent quite some time recommending this old CBD brand to family and friends, only to quickly find out that their latest batch of CBD oil popped positive for THC and was therefore no longer legal for Idaho residents.

What about some of these local shops selling CBD? How do they compare to Joy Organics?

Most local CBD stores sell the very low-quality CBD isolate products.

I will never never recommend a CBD isolate product because they are mostly ineffective.

What makes CBD isolate products almost completely useless is that they require such an incredibly precise dosage — to even get a minimal effect — that you’re typically never going to get a proper precise dosage that will provide even the smallest benefits.

CBD isolate products do not have the benefit of the entourage effect because they do not have any other cannabinoid present.

CBD isolate products only have the CBD molecule.

Whereas Joy Organics broad-spectrum CBD products contain a wide range of up to 112 different cannabinoids.

Having a wide variety of cannabinoids give you the added benefit of the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is simply when other cannabinoids work together to make each other work better together.

CBD isolate products are a lone molecule and don’t do much of anything.

Research shows that CBD isolate products have to overcome a bell-shaped dose-response curve to even get a tiny effect.

Since Joy Organics has free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee, you can safely try — what I strongly believe to be the very best broad-spectrum CBD oil on the market — risk free.