CBD-infused dog treats are rapidly rising in popularity by pet owner demand due to their tasty options and consistent effectiveness in providing fast acting relief.

CBD treats are helping dogs of all sizes with a wide range of needs requiring long-lasting soothing relaxation from a stressful day or night. By taking an optimal serving size, your dog can experience all the benefits of CBD whenever a need arises. Even though classically trained veterinarians can’t technically recommend CBD, most holistic vets are finding CBD can work complimentary with their current wellness regimen.

Today, we’ll take a look at the five best CBD dog treats and answer common questions dog owners are asking about hemp-based CBD treats for dogs.

1. Prime Sunshine CBD Dog Treats

A premium woman-owned CBD company offering a wide range of cannabidiol and delta 8 products for any time use for humans and pets.

Product Options: Four CBD products for pets including two tincture oil droppers and two dog treats. CBD dog treat flavors include salmon jerky and chicken tenders for maximum enjoyment.

Cost: Affordable pricing ranges between $19.96 – $83.00 with added savings when you invest in a monthly subscription.

Strength: CBD tinctures are 300mg and 750mg, while the treats have 5mg CBD per treat with 150mg total CBD per bag.

Lab Tested: All products are third-party lab tested with Certificate Of Analysis test results available for easy viewing on each product page on their website.

Pros: Full spectrum for best performance with unique flavor options only available from Prime Sunshine.

Cons: Treats from this company tend to be extremely tasty and can have your puppy wanting more than just one.

2. Elite CBD Products For Pets

An authentic and customer safety-focused CBD company on a mission to provide interesting products from organically grown hemp.

Product Options: Ten CBD products for dogs including three tincture oils and seven different flavors of treats. Flavors include beef wrap, steak bites, bacon, cheese wrap, beef meatball, BBQ kabobs, and beef & rice.

Cost: $29.95 – $39.95.

Strength: 150mg – 600mg tinctures and 100mg total CBD dog treat jars.

Lab Tested: Available on product pages.

Pros: Several flavors.

Cons: Hard to figure out which product to start with.

3. A Gift From Nature CBD for pets

This company makes all American hemp products that are THC free to suit the needs of any occasion.

Product Options: Seven treat flavors and three tinctures strengths options for different sized dogs. 

Strength: Tinctures range between 25mg – 100mg bottles with dog treats having 100mg per container.

Cost: $19.99 – $29.99.

Lab Tested: Reports on website.

Pros: Product options for dogs of all sizes. 

Cons: No high-strength options for more critical needs.

4. Diamond CBD Treats For Pets

A manufacturer that creates their hemp products through intensive research to provide data-driven quality standards in all their products.

Product Options: Currently offering 12 flavors varieties of CBD dog treats including their popular burger beef minis, meaty steak treats, filet mignon, and their specialty dog biscuits.

Strength: 100mg – 600mg per container.

Cost: $19.99 – $59.99.

Lab Tested: Reports on website.

Pros: Lots of tasty options to explore and try.

Cons: No tincture drops available.

5. Medterra CBD Chews For Pets

A seed-to-sale company using industrial hemp grown and extracted in Kentucky for premium quality CBD.

Product Options: Three distinct CBD products for pets including one standard tincture oil with three flavors and three different strengths. And two CBD chews with flavors including peanut butter or bacon.

Strength: 300mg – 1200mg tincture bottles and 10mg CBD per treat.

Cost: Subscribe and save options as low as $20.99 and high-strength items up to $54.99.

Lab Tested: Yes. Results online.

Pros: High-strength CBD options available.

Cons: Few dog treat flavors.

FAQ About CBD Treats For Dogs

Below, we’ll dive into the common questions pet owners are asking about using CBD with their little bundles of fur.

How Did We Create This List?

Since we’re dog lovers, we use strict criteria to determine whether we would recommend these CBD treats to your fur baby.

Through in-depth research, we were able to search through hundreds of CBD dog treats online to bring you the very best products available on today’s market for sale.

The strict standards we used to qualify the above-listed brands’ involved product variety, lab testing, quality, and safety.

In addition, we also made sure these brands were reputable with a long-standing history to make sure they’re passing the test of time among their audiences.

Are CBD Treats Good For Dogs?

Humans and dogs have what’s called an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that’s responsible for controlling homeostasis, or balance within the mind and body.

When taking a dog treat that’s infused with a wide range of cannabinoids, including CBD, your little fur baby can find a wide range of beneficial effects.

CBD dog treat benefits include.

  • Peace of mind
  • Stress relief
  • Loosen up
  • Calm down
  • Soften hot moods
  • Calming effects when you leave them alone for long periods of time

While this is a short list of the potential benefits that you can receive, more research is ongoing to precisely pinpoint specific protocols to maximize the benefits your dog can experience.

Before giving your puppy CBD, it may be a good idea to have a quick chat with your vet that understands and supports CBD to make sure there are no possible drawbacks to your situation.

Will CBD Calm My Dog Down?

CBD has a powerful ability to help your dog kick back and relax when they feel wound up for whatever reason that might trigger them into a frenzy.

After you give your dog an optimal amount of CBD, they will begin relaxing within 20 – 45 minutes.

The effects can last up to 4 – 6 hours, depending on how much you gave them.

What CBD Treats Are Good For Dogs?

The best CBD treats for your dog are from reputable companies that lab tests their products to verify they’re not only safe but also contain the amount of CBD listed on the label.

Most dogs prefer a tasty flavored dog treat, while some smaller dogs enjoy a few drops of CBD tincture in their mouth.

To find what your dog likes, it’s best to explore a few options until you find the more effective item.

How Often Can You Give Dogs CBD Treats?

Since CBD can have a powerful effect on dogs of all sizes, we recommend that you start at a low dose and slowly increase the amount you give them until they get the results they want.

Some larger dogs can take several treats multiple times a day, whereas smaller puppies are satisfied with half a treat or only a few drops of low-strength tincture.

Where To Buy CBD Dog Treats In Charlotte North Carolina?

To purchase CBD dog treats near me, the best place to buy is online due to the convenience and wide selection of options.

Not only can you easily browse through dozens of CBD dog treats online, but you can also quickly look at their lab testing results, as well as explore more information about the company’s history and its day-to-day operations.

When you’re ready to buy premium dog treats, the list we thoroughly researched above provides dozens of high-grade options to discover your dog’s next favorite CBD edible.