As the popularity of hemp seed oil continues rising, along with CBD oil, researchers and everyday people are experimenting and finding amazing new uses for hempseed oil.

Short answer is Yes! Many are using both hemp seed oil and CBD oil to sooth the inner and outer ear. Hemp seed oil contains several beneficial nutrients that can help aid your inner ear in functioning properly. Consult your doctor before putting anything new inside your ear.

Let’s dive in below and see how experts are using hemp seed oil for use inside the inner ear.

Can You Actually Put Hemp Seed Oil In Your Ear?

Researchers use hemp seed oil for ear, nose, and throat for internal and external use in numerous applications.

They found using hemp seed oil helped potentially take eight days off standard approaches to restoring normal ear function.

CBD is one ingredient found in hemp and when blended with hemp seed oil, CBD can help support the overall health and wellness of the ear.

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Regular hemp seed oil doesn’t have any cannabinoids, such as CBD, and is a well-known superfood with several helpful nutrients.

The vast amount of superior nutrients in hemp seed oil aid in providing soothing support and can calm and rejuvenate the skin and surrounding areas.

According to the Comprehensive Reviews In Food Science & Food Safety, hemp seed oil continues to become highly sought after for specific ratio balances of different essential nutrients.

Hemp seed oil nutrients include:

  1. Essential fatty acid
  2. Ideal balance of omega 3 & 6
  3. Linoleic acid
  4. Alpha-linolenic acid
  5. Oleic acid

Each unique compound in hemp seed oil plays a role in further strengthening the total nutritional contents.

With its high amounts of antioxidative capacity, certain flavonoids found in hemp seed oil are abundant and provide protection from oxidation.

What are the negative side effects of hemp oil?

According to Parkinson’s Resource Organization, hemp oil doesn’t have side effects that are very serious.

While some are still confused about the distinctions of what hemp actually it, Hemp is a completely different plant than marijuana.

Since hemp is “not” marijuana, hemp seed oil won’t get you high and is safe to use without fear of this potential side effect.

Published on WebMD shows how hemp seed oil may cause rare side effects in children including sleepiness and potentially blood shot eyes.

Also, some people may be allergic to hemp and may need to proceed with more caution.

Isodiol reports there are no cases that have been reported to suggest toxicity from using hemp seed oil.

Can You Use Hemp Seed Oil For Your Dogs Ears?

Published on the CBD Dog Health website shows several ways to provide your ear the support you need.

You may want to use hemp oil for your dog’s ear for many potential reasons including.

  1. Itchy
  2. Irritated
  3. Tilting head to one side
  4. Mouth hurts when opening wide
  5. Losing hearing
  6. Walks in circles

Hemp seed oil along with other at home remedies can provide instant relief for your dog.

Hemp seed oil, CBD oil, and other at home remedies can be rubbed directly into the ears and/or taken orally.

Taking an oral dose of hemp seed oil or CBD oil can simultaneously help your dog stay calm as their ear is being soothed back to normal.

Prevention is the best option to keep your dog’s ears from becoming irritated in the first place.

To better prevent ear issues, speak with your vet about the best options for the needs of your situation.

Depending on the severity of the situation, your vet may need to take further action to verify the cause of the irritation.

Does hemp oil help tinnitus?

Several products on the market are availabile to help find relief from the constant rining noise.

Hemp seed oil helps provide leasting relief by helping to lubricate your inner ear from the dry canals responsible for your hearing.

Dry auditory canals can benefit from pure hemp seed oil, or CBD oil blends, to further lubricate the delicate bones and dry skin inside your ear.

Before putting hemp seed oil inside of your ear canal, it’s best to consult with your doctor.

If your blend of hemp seed oil contains other ingredients, make sure it’s ok to have other potentially harmful ingredients blended with the hemp seed oil for your inner ear canal.