Better sleep quality is one of the main reasons why most people find themselves trying CBD and using it routinely to help get the type of restful sleep that makes you feel great the next morning — without a sleep hangover or feeling like you’re dragging like a zombie all day.

Lots of brands offer CBD products with melatonin. Identifying the correct dose mixtures of both CBD & melatonin is critical to finding the perfect balance that puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep without making you oversleep. Broad-spectrum CBD (CBN, CBG, CBC, etc) work better CBD by itself.

Below, we’ll look at trusted CBD plus melatonin products we use and recommend, as well as looking at how to further optimize and improve the quality of sleep you’re aiming to experience on a nightly basis.

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cbd dosage chart calculator
General CBD Dosage Chart For Sleep Optimization. Start at the lowest recommended dose and slowly work your way up until you get the quality of sleep results you want. Reduce your CBD dosage if you find yourself sleeping too long or getting groggy the next day.

What Works Better Melatonin Or CBD?

Different body types respond differently to melatonin and CBD separately and together.

What works better is typically an individual preference in what actually ends up making you feel better the next day.

Large doses of a broad-spectrum CBD product are remarkably effective in getting you to sleep as well as keeping you asleep, in most cases.

However, sometimes you might need a bit of an extra nudge to better optimize your sleep quality.

Melatonin helps you get to sleep faster while CBD relieves problems that could prevent you from sleeping such as stress from the day.

Does Melatonin Work Better With CBD?

CBD work by optimizing your homeostatic system while melatonin is a hormone your brain creates as the sun starts to go down to signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

With this in mind, CBD plus other cannabinoids tend to make melatonin work more effectively.

By optimizing your body’s homeostatic system via CBD nutrients to your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), nearly anything you put into your body will be processed in a more optimal manner.

What Is The Best CBD Plus Melatonin Product?

Broad-spectrum CBD products with another cannabinoid called Cannabinol (CBN) are shown to work the best.

The Raw Botanics offers a fantastic broad-spectrum CBN product (check pricing) with excellent reviews for those who don’t want to start mixing CBD and melatonin together just yet.

  • Joy Organics Premium Melatonin, CBN, CBD softgels (check pricing)
  • Medterra proprietary blend of soothing sleep enhancers including CBD, melatonin, chamomile, and more (check pricing)
  • Medterra Sleep Tight Gummies with CBD, melatonin, camomile, and more. (check pricing)

Most CBD and melatonin products will be either a soft gel pill you swallow or a gummy.

While pills are that big of a hassle, a lot of CBD and melatonin users are finding that they like the gummies a lot more because they taste great, are easy to chew and swallow, and are generally a more pleasant overall experience.

Depending on what you find working best for you that give you the best overall experience is different for everyone.

If you don’t like the idea of mixing CBD with melatonin just yet, the CBN product The Raw Botanics offers is a great place to start.

Is It Safe To Take CBD Gummies Every Night?

Before you take CBD and/or if you find yourself being negatively affected by CBD, it’s best to speak with your primary health care provider.

Certain medications mixed with CBD can have a negatively interaction causing undesirable results.

Learn more: CBD Drug Interactions With Prescription Medication, Vitamins, OTC Meds, & Any Other Supplement

An extensive review of 132 separate original studies consistently finds CBD has a high safety profile showing long-term use in high doses (up to 1,500 mg per day) is well tolerated in humans.

Even though CBD has a high safety profile in humans, CBD can still have minor side effects including dry mouth, diarrhea, appetite change, drowsiness, and fatigue.

If you find sleep relief using CBD gummies every night and it’s not affecting you throughout the next day, it’s probably safe for you to continue using.

When To Take CBD And Melatonin Together For Sleep?

A majority of CBD plus melatonin users find themselves gently sliding into the first stages of light sleep within about 30-45 minutes.

After about an hour or a little more, deep restful REM sleep occurs.

If this is your first time taking a CBD and melatonin product, it’s best to take it between one or two hours before your typical bedtime routine.

After you take your CBD + Melatonin pill or gummy, it’s best to get completely ready to settle into your bed for it to start taking effect.

While you’re waiting for CBD and melatonin to take effect, you can do several other little things that can further help you have a restful night of sleep.

Other things you can do to help improve your quality of sleep when mixing CBD and melatonin together include.

  • Establishing and sticking to the same sleep schedule
  • Don’t eat food several hours before bed
  • Stop drinking caffeine 10 hours before bedtime
  • No screen time an hour before bed
  • Don’t nap during the day
  • Drink lots of water thoughout the day
  • Let go of any worry or stress bothering you
  • Add a physical activity routine to your day
  • Avoid alcohol before bed
  • Make your room comfortable; temperature, reduce noise, turn off lights, clean your room, arrange your furniture to imrpove the flow of energy, etc.
  • Meditate or pray
  • Take a relaxing bath right before you take your CBD and melatoning supplement
  • Rule out a potential sleep disorder such as sleep apnea
  • Buy a new bed and more comfortable pillow
  • Keep your bed sheets clean

While this might seem like a giant list of things to do to potentially help you improve your sleep quality.

The best way to go about improving your sleep quality is to choose one thing at a time and optimize it.

Can You Take CBD And Other Sleeping Pills Together? shows there is a potential moderate interaction with Ambient (Zolpidem).

While they don’t specify which cannabinoids cause a potential interaction, it’s best to speak with your doctor before trying to mix CBD with other sleeping medications.

My Story With CBD And Melatonin

Every so often, and more so during allergy season, I have trouble both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

After doing some research, about one out of four American adults have problems falling asleep and sleeping all the way through the night.

Even though modern medicine might have a handful of synthetic options to prescribe or take over the counter (OTC), a good handful of these medications are either mostly ineffective, pricy, or tack on a host of undesired side effects.

Some of the side effects from some of the modern sleep meds are lethargy (lack of energy) the next day, trouble breathing, and a potentially long list of other side effects.

With this growing list of scary side effects, a lot of people are starting to ask questions about natural solutions in getting normal sleep that lasts throughout the night, while waking up refreshing and full of normal energy. 

Some of the answers to what you can take to achieve normal sleep have a lot of people finding and using CBD oil.

Research is showing participants taking 160 mg of CBD slept more than the placebo group. Moreso, CBD is shown to help support a normal lifestyle in a variety of areas, including getting normal natural sleep.

However, some people are taking CBD oil and it’s not quite getting them through the whole night a normal healthy sleep. Quite a few CBD brands are aware of this problem and started creating products that include both CBD and melatonin.

According to WebMD, melatonin is produced by the pineal gland (in the brain), secreting a hormone that tells your body when it’s time for sleep. When the sun comes up, your brain gets triggered to stop releasing this hormone, thus signaling the body to start waking up.

How long should you take CBD and melatonin?

Each person responds to CBD and melatonin differently. A standard recommendation is to start with a lower dose and increase as needed.

When you start taking CBD and melatonin, it might take a few weeks for your body to start to experience the proper effects you’re aiming for.

Once you start taking CBD and melatonin, it’s recommended you persist in taking the same amount for three weeks to allow the CBD and melatonin to properly build up in your system.


When should you take CBD and melatonin?

Before taking CBD and melatonin to help support normal sleep functions, you might want to speak with your doctor if you’re taking medication. Some medications might cause a problem causing various potential interactions.

After receiving doctors’ approval, the best recommended time to take your CBD and melatonin is about 30 minutes prior to hopping in bed for the night.

A quick WARNING. It may go without saying, taking CBD and melatonin might cause drowsiness and sleepiness and it’s not recommended you drive or operate any heavy machinery after taking your dose.

Does CBD and melatonin make you sleepy during the day?

Since CBD is not technically a sedative, it will most likely not make you lethargic, drowsy, or sleepy throughout the next day. 

If you take CBD and melatonin at the right time, you’re not as likely to feel groggy the next day.

If you’re going to take CBD and melatonin, it’s recommended you take it at least five hours (or more if possible) before you have to wake up and start operating heavy machinery.

When taking CBD and melatonin the first few times, it’s important to realize you’re taking this to help you sleep.

Therefore it might be wise to give yourself plenty of extra time to see how you experience the combination of CBD and melatonin.

Can CBD oil give you energy?

After doing a little research, I found that CBD is known to produce biphasic effects.

Biphasic simply means it has two potential effects on normal body function. When you take a smaller dosage of CBD, you get one effect and if you take quite a bit more you get the opposite effect.

When taking a smaller dosage of CBD, you tend to get a boost or normal energy.

Whereas if you take a lot of CBD, you tend to get the opposite effect and you might get sleepy.

In short, if you take a little bit of CBD and you don’t take too much, you can definitely get a bit of a natural energy boost.

What’s the best brand of CBD and melatonin?

In Idaho, there are not many quality brands to recommend.

After doing quite a bit of research, the best quality CBD and melatonin product is made by Joy Organics or MedTerra.