Cat owners keep hearing about CBD rising in popularity due to how effective it’s proving to be, as well as their cats of all sizes and ages finding lasting relief.

CBD cat treats are safe in a wide range of doses for nearly any occasion. Treats infused with CBD elevate your cat’s overall wellness by providing powerful stress relief, comforting soothing sensations, and strong natural relaxation for a good night’s sleep.

Today, we’ll look at five of the best CBD treats for cats, as well as explore some of the most common questions cat owners are asking before they decide to give their fur babies CBD.

CBD Treats For Cats - Everything You Need To Know 2

1. Diamond CBD Treats For Cats

This company pride itself on being a research-intensive CBD producer with the aim of going above and beyond to help you achieve more comfort.

Their team of experts formulate 100% natural hemp cannabinoids after carefully researching and developing them.

Product Types: Five CBD cats treat products with flavors, including a Seafood Medley, White Meat Chicken, Salmon, Party Mix, and Cat Cafe Tarter Control.

Potency: Total CBD per jar ranges from 100mg – 300mg and per treat, serving size varies between 2mg – 6mg CBD.

Price: $19.99 – $34.00.

Pros: Lots of tasty varieties of CBD cat treats for you to more easily find a goody that your fur baby will love.

Cons: They only have CBD cat treats and no other products.

Reviews: Several five-star reviews report the CBD treats help their cat calm down during loud thunderstorms, helps older cats feel more comfortable with a growth on their leg, reduce pain, more comfort for end of life, and much more.

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2. A Gift From Nature CBD For Cats

A CBD industry leader with headquarters in Florida with the focus of creating the highest possible quality of CBD cat products while following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Product Types: Three products, including one CBD oil tincture and two cat treats, including tasty salmon or white meat chicken.

Potency: Tincture oil has 25mg in the bottle and cat treats have 100mg of CBD per jar.

Price: $19.99 for all three cat products.

Pros: Three quality options with delicious flavors.

Cons: Not very many reviews, but the review they have reports this brand hits it out of the ballpark.

Reviews: Users reported their cat doesn’t spray or scratch anymore, no longer stressed out, and they now like snuggling and playing more often.

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3. Elite CBD Cat Seafood Treat

A premium authentic CBD company extracting CBD from organically grown hemp. 

They set themselves apart by focusing on transparency at every stage of production.

Product Types: One CBD cat treats with seafood and tuna fish flavor for maximum enjoyment. Plus on cat tincture.

Potency: 100mg of CBD per jar of CBD treats. Cat tincture has 300mg per bottle.

Price: $24.95 – $37.95.

Pros: Content nutritious organic ingredients from hemp grown in the USA.

Cons: Only two product options.

Reviews: No real product reviews are available on their website.

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4. CBD Cat Health CBD Cat Tinctures & Topical Creams

The founder of this company recognized there were few products on the market for pets and went on a mission to fill the gap and create high-quality CBD options for pets.

Product Type: Five CBD products for cats, including three different tinctures and two CBD topical lotions.

Potency: 300mg – 1,100mg of CBD.

Price: $39.99 – $99.99

Pros: Wide range of CBD potencies including a mild tincture and an extra strength, plus they have two types of CBD topicals that can either nourish or soothe.

Cons: No cat treats.

Reviews: The most potent option has outstanding reviews reporting their cat is pain free, relieves stress in her 17-year-old cat, has calming improvements, improved cuddling, and much more.

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5. Medterra CBD For Pets

This company began on a passionate mission to bring affordable CBD products to the market. They strongly believe everyone should have access to CBD.

Products Type: Three CBD products for pets. One tincture in three flavors and two different CBD chews for joint support or calming sensations. Flavor profiles include beef, chicken, unflavored, peanut butter, and bacon.

Potency: 300mg – 1,200mg.

Price: $24.99 – $39.99.

Pros: This brand is one of the most reputable companies in the CBD industry with hundreds of five-star reviews from completely satisfied customers.

Cons: CBD chews don’t sound like flavors cats would love. 

Reviews: MedTerra’s cat tinctures have over 500 reviews with reports helping their cat in all sorts of situations.

How Did We Create This List Of The Best CBD Treats For Cats?

We created this list, first and foremost, for cat owners. 

As fellow cat owners, we understand how important it is to find a safe, clean, pure, and effective collection of CBD products for any occasion. 

Ready To Learn More About CBD Treats For Cats?

Below, we explore the most common questions cat owners are asking about how to use CBD for their cats.

What Is CBD?

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CBD is a beneficial molecule found in hemp that processors extract and inside into oil and treats. 

Hemp-derived CBD products will have less than 0.3% THC to comply with federal law. 

CBD infused products for cats come in many options, including tincture oil drops, tasty pet treats, topical lotions, and more.

Is CBD Safe For Cats?

Published in Animals, an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on veterinary sciences and zoology, an increasing number of cats are safely using CBD rich extract from hemp to promote a healthy lifestyle in many areas. 

For 12 weeks, researchers gave a group of cats 2mg/kg (4.5mg/lbs) of CBD two times every day through an oral application. 

The product the scientists gave the feline group was fish oil drops infused with CBD. The youngest cat was two years old, and the oldest was a little over six years. 

The smallest cat weighed 7.3 lbs with the largest weight 11.5 lbs. 

Each cat received a total amount of 32.85mg – 51.75mg of CBD every 12 hours. 

Throughout the duration of the study, there were 1,344 times researchers observed the cats look for any sign of negative effects. 

The primary negative effects they saw were licking and shaking their head directly after receiving the oil. 

There were no physical changes, no loose stool, no behavior changes, and no weight changes throughout the study.

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Can You Give Cats CBD Treats?

In most cases, your cat can take CBD treats in the serving size that’s optimal for their body size and level of trouble they’re in. 

CBD can interact with certain medications and it’s best to have a quick chat with your supportive veterinarian before making radical changes.

Are CBD Treats Good For Cats?

Good CBD treats for cats are tested by a certified lab and contain pure, clean, and beneficial ingredients essential.

Do CBD Treats Work For Cats?

If your little calico or old tabby is going through a bit of a rough patch, CBD cat treats provide all natural soothing relief in a hurry. 

CBD cat treats prove your fur baby with comfort, making them both tasty and effective.

What Does CBD Treats Do For Cats?

CBD Cat treats do more than calm, relax, and soothe a fussy kitty. 

Cats who take CBD treats get a noticeable boost to their overall wellness, happiness, general mood, and vitality. 

If you have an ornery little kitten, worried, or dying cat, CBD can soothe and comfort their stress.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Cat Treats To Work?

Cat’s new to CBD can take as little as 15 minutes and up to an hour, when taking an oral serving, to fully feel the effects. 

Topical CBD salves can start working right away, especially if you’re putting in on their skin and ears.

Benefits Of CBD Treats For Cats?

CBD infused cat treats boost their vitality and give them that extra soothing bit of comforting nourishment. 

For nearly anything that’s bothering them, CBD can add another layer of support at any time of the day or night.

Where To Buy CBD Treats For Cats?

Online is the most convenient place to buy CBD treats for cats. 

Most cat owners prefer buying CBD cat treats from reputable brands with great reviews. 

Outstanding CBD brands for cats will have natural pure ingredients and are verified safe and potent by a certified testing lab.

Are CBD Cat Chews Safe For Kittens?

Kittens need a much smaller serving size of CBD. If the CBD chew is soft and small enough to give them, they can safely eat it. 

Or choose a tincture oil dropper to put CBD drops directly in their mouth or by mixing with their milk or soft food.

How Do You Use CBD Chews For Cats?

You first need to calculate your cat’s dosage for their body size and severity. 

Each CBD chew will have different amounts of CBD per treat. 

Once you’ve identified the optimal starting quantities to give your cat, you can look at the label of the cat treats and make your calculations from there.

Link to cat dosage calculator

Cat CBD Dosage Chart – 0.2mg CBD per pound of bodyweight

Can Cats Have CBD With THC?

Products with large amounts of THC are generally not good for cats of any age or size because they can be psychoactive and cause your cat to experience discomfort. 

With most reputable CBD brands for cats, they won’t have enough THC in the product to cause adverse effects. 

Federally, legal cat treats will have less than 0.3% THC, which is a tiny trace amount. 

Is CBD Harmful To Cats?

In general, CBD is safe for cats if you’re buying treats from a reputable brand with goodies using natural pure and verified safe from certified labs. 

Small to medium-sized doses are safe in most situations. If your cat is on other medications, the CBD might have a negative interaction. 

Some cat owners are reporting that when they give their fur babies higher doses, they can get tired and sleep more than they already do. 

Also, high doses can trigger some of the side effects of CBD that can include upset stomach, appetite changes, and more. 

If you’re finding your kitty is reacting negatively to the dose of CBD you gave them, you may consider significantly lowering the dose and slowly increasing the amount you give them until you find the optimal serving size.

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil For Cats?

According to, your vet can’t technically recommend CBD to your cat because CBD isn’t FDA approved for cats. 

However, there are veterinarians who are more open-minded to natural approaches to wellness and can provide more helpful information for your unique situation. 

Your vet will want to know if you’re planning on giving your cat CBD because the CBD can alter how their current medication chemically interacts with their body.

What Type Of CBD Oil Is Best For Cats?

Every cat can have different preferences on what type of CBD oil they like and is actually effective for their situation. 

There are several types of CBD products for cats that include treats, oils, and topical creams. Depending on your situation will determine what type of CBD is best for your cat. 

To figure out what type of CBD they like and work best, you may consider buying several flavors and types of CBD to experiment with their preferences. 

They will let you know what they like! So keep trying until you find their favorite type of CBD.

Can Cats Overdose On CBD?

Fatal overdoses are unreported. 

Since CBD is shown to be safe in high doses, over long periods of time, the most common side effects of an overdose include your cat getting dizzy, fumbling around, extra sleep, or fussiness. 

Research shows some rare adverse effects can include pacing, chomping, gagging, vomiting food, bile, or hairballs, salivating, drooling, jumping, not being cooperative, or grimacing.

How Do I Give My Cat CBD Oil?

Cats love CBD treats because they taste delicious and it’s way less of a hassle to try and get them to take oral drops. 

For fast results, tincture oil drops are best, but your cat may be generally uncooperative with this method. 

If CBD oil drops are all you have, you can try mixing it with their food or bake your own treats that you can add CBD to.

CBD Treats For Cats - Everything You Need To Know 9

Can I Get CBD Oil From My Vet?

Most vets won’t offer CBD because it’s not FDA approved. However, there’s a growing number of holistic veterinarians who are recognizing the safe natural properties of CBD for cats.

Holistic vets recommending CBD for cats recommend you find a reputable brand with lots of outstanding reviews, but also has thorough testing from a certified third-party lab to verify it contains only safe and pure ingredients.

How Many Treats Can Cats Have A Day?

Once you calculator your cat’s CBD dosage or figure it out through trial and error, you can better determine how many CBD treats of a particular brand your cat can have.

Each CBD brand will have different amounts of CBD in their cat treats and will therefore help you understand exactly how many treats your cats can have.

Some CBD companies put on their label how many you can’t can have each day, as well as an upper limit.

Before you attempt to push the limits of how many your cat can have each day, you may want to chat with your holistic veterinarian who understands CBD and how it interacts with your cat’s situation.

How Many Drops Of CBD Should A Cat Have?

Published in Animals peer-reviewed journal shows researchers giving cats a CBD dose of 2mg/kg (4.5mg/lbs).

If you have a smaller kitty, that’s only a few weeks old and weighs about one pound, you’ll want to start with a CBD serving size of 4.5mg or less.

The average weight of cats is between about 9-11 lbs, meaning they’ll need to start with a CBD serving of 40.5mg – 49.5mg.

If you need help figuring out how much CBD is in each drop, check out our CBD dosage calculator.

The CBD dosage calculator will have you enter the size of your bottle in mL (usually 30mL bottles) and the total amount of CBD in the bottle.

Once you enter this information, the calculator will provide you with how much CBD is in each drop of oil.

Most CBD bottles will have on their label how much CBD is in each dropper and you can use this to help you approximate if you don’t want to use the CBD dosage calculator.

Can I Give My Cat CBD Every Day?

Research shows that CBD is safe for cats, whereas human CBD studies show that you can take up to 1,500mg per day and still process it tolerably.

Due to the limited CBD studies for cats, there’s not currently specific data showing if you can give CBD to your cat every day forever.

However, the study with cats showed researchers giving CBD to cats for 12 weeks, every day, two times per day, and showed it was safe.

Will CBD Make My Cat Sleepy?

Cats taking large CBD doses can experience extra calming relaxation that can allow your cat to gently drift off to sleep.

Before giving your cat larger doses of CBD, it’s recommended you start at a lower dose and slowly increase until you’ve found the best dose to achieve the results you desire.